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Monster hunting has appealed to gamers ever since the classic Capcom franchise, Monster Hunter, came to PlayStation 2 consoles all the way back in 2004. With that in mind, Turtle Rock Studios has taken the concept  and introduced their own multiplayer spin to monster hunting with Evolve – A 4 vs 1 multiplayer game that pits four humans against one monster in an all out battle to the death! In Evolve, nature is wiping out the human colonies on a [...]

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At this years EGX there was a huge range of games showcased for every games console, with the expo a great chance to show off the best of the latest releases for the next gen. One of the many games that was being shown off was Evolve, a game that definitely peaked my interest. This game had very little information about it available (not for lack of looking) so when the opportunity to play it came up I jumped at [...]

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With Halloween lurking just around the corner, it seems like a good time to take a look at take a look at the new survival horror game from Supermassive Games, Until Dawn.   Until Dawn follows the story of 8 friends and their fight to survive a night trapped on a remote mountain. When one of your group goes missing, you and your friends must discover the secrets of the past in order to make it out alive. Playing as [...]

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When you think about a video game with Mechs you think about a pilot physically climbing into a massive robot. Once inside the pilot then proceeds to destroy his/her opponent with an array of oversized weapons, and mighty robot power!  Beyond Flesh and Blood takes this idea and improves upon it – sure, you may still pilot a Mech, but you are doing so in deep space out of harms way. This means that you are able to cause massive [...]

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When the title of a game intrigues, you simply must investigate. When I was tasked with personally overseeing how this particular game performs; I didn’t ask what it was about, how it played, who made it etc. I simply enquired as to what the title was again due to its very bizarre nature. I’m well aware of the Schrodinger’s Cat theory which is a good thing; raiders and quarks mean something different to me however (Indiana Jones and Ratchet & [...]

Posted by AndyHighton_YNWA On Oct - 13 - 2014 Add Comments READ FULL POST

At this years EGX there was such an amazing array of games available to play, one of these games was Flockers a game created and developed by Team 17. These are the people who brought us the great Worms games and such other titles like Lemmings and so on. For your viewing pleasure here is my interview with Beth Aston from Team 17, enjoy. Thank you for watching. Keep an eye out for more interviews, reviews and previews from EGX coming to [...]

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Kevin Biemers had the fantastic opportunity to experience my first interview with someone of recognition in the video game world, lucky him! As a member of Italic Pig, he’s seen his long awaited dream to have Schrodinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark become a reality, thanks to Team17. Team17 are responsible for the worldwide enjoyment of the Worms franchise: holy hand grenades, kamikaze sheep, concrete donkeys; god I do love Worms. They are also publishing Schrodinger’s Cat [...]

Posted by AndyHighton_YNWA On Oct - 10 - 2014 Add Comments READ FULL POST

Just when you thought Mortal Kombat couldn’t possibly get more violent, Mortal Kombat X takes the franchise to a skull crunching new level with a host of new fatalities and X-Ray moves. For example when executing Cassie Cage’s X-Ray, she proceeds to punch her opponent right in the family jewels so hard that they disappear up the victim’s body, and if that’s not enough she then pulls  out her dual pistols and breaks her opponents skull with a double pistol [...]

Posted by Garvaos On Oct - 8 - 2014 Add Comments READ FULL POST

The atmosphere for Alien: Isolation is good. Disgustingly good. Loud, creepy, tense, and it turns out that one alien is more. I can assure you that people would have been crying deep inside themselves after playing the Alien: Isolation preview. It really pounds you into a catatonic state with its sheer will to incite tension. To some degree, we receive absolution for the mess that Colonial Marines was, but I fear that other problems could grind Alien down into a [...]

Posted by AndyHighton_YNWA On Oct - 6 - 2014 Add Comments READ FULL POST

Being a fan of both Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, it was with Dark Souls 2 that I started to feel as though I was losing interest in the format. I was hooked with Demons’ Souls, and I enjoyed Dark Souls – but I’ve yet to progress much further than the first boss in Dark Souls 2, after realizing that I was playing it out of some feeling of necessity rather than because I actually wanted to play it. It [...]

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