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The latest news from Lion head and Mr Peter Molyneux is that the next Fable game may not be an RPG. the news came from eurogamer when they interviewed my Molyneux at a game developer conference.

Molyneux said “Whatever happens in the future of Fable, I don’t want you to think you know exactly what features are going to be in there, Don’t think about this as an RPG franchise –think about it as the world of Albion. There’s a niche for Fable as there’s humor in there and there’s a Britishness and I think we’ll keep that side of it. But whether it’s more action or RPG or MMO or some new genre–that’s what we have to do.”

for peter and lion head its not enough just to keep delivering the same type of game like fable. He also said: “I think it’s not good enough just to say, ‘OK, we’ll do another Fable.’ Because in the end you’re just driving yourself off the cliff. At some point, someone’s going to turn round and say, ‘You know, I’m a bit bored by all this.’ We don’t want that to happen.” 

Eurogamer carried on talking with peter and the conversation started to move onto the fable 3 game itself. Now when it comes to game Peter Molyneux is notorious for his cryptic answers to he current projects and it was no different when he came to talk about Fable 3. “I would hope there would be three enormously big things about the Fable 3 that would surprise and shock you. Not that I am talking about Fable 3. Hypothetically speaking.”

He then went on to tease about the next installment in the fable franchise with another cryptic clue: “When you look at it I think you’ll say, ‘Well, that’s just insanely simple. Why has it taken so long?’ But what makes it so hard –and this is teasing you horribly–is making it so simple, and yet to have all this unbelievable technology behind the thing.”

This all sounds very interesting to me. I am very pleased that the next fable game will be seen in a different light and that lion head studios are not afraid to take risks. As much as i loved the last 2 fable games it would be nice to see a dispatcher from the last 2 similar games.

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