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Well a lot has been going on news wise at GC today. With Microsoft having a large press conference would it rival son’sPS3 Slim announcement? Lets find out!

This press conference only had one franchise in sight, and that was the Fable franchise, with Mr Lionhead himself Peter Molyneux taking center stage with a wealth on information.

He started the conference with more Info on fable2. Interestingly enough fable 2 will be on games on demand but, it has been described as episodic. Molyneux said that the first download which comes out on the 29th will be a free one. So if you haven’t had the chance to pick up fable 2 this is a great opportunity for you!

Now here comes the big announcement. Molyneux announced Fable III will be hitting the Xbox 360. pretty big news for gamers out there and myself because I love the games.

Mr Lion head said that choice and consequences will feature. Too flipping right it’s what the Fable franchise is about! Having said that Molyneux then went onto say that Fable III will do something “bold” with its game mechanic and story, and of course lion head beg lion head love to tease and kept there lips shut after saying that there is something fundamentally wrong with RPGs and has been since day one…Riiiite, maybe that post I did about fable III a while back still stands.

Then Molyneux reminds us that in Fable you were a apart of a group of hero’s, Fable II saw us as the sole hero, so Fable III apparently will have the idea of you felling all powerful. Sounds quite tasty! Well you better get the tissues to wipe your salivating mouth because in Fable III you will become the ruler of Albion!

With this crown you will have loads at your disposal, such as dealing with poverty and tyranny. Plus you can access the Royal treasury, set tax rates and decide upon your attitude as the ruler of Albion.

Just to add, Molyneux has announced that i the game you will be playing the son or daughter of your hero in Fable II, Meaning all the save data you had from Fable II will help you in Fable III……Awesome!

That’s just some of the key features, other things mentioned were, bowerstone now having an industrial sector, every single thing you think a king can do you ca pretty much do in this game, you will fight, lead armies, all sorts. Molyneux then went onto explain the two new game mechanics in Fable III.

Judgement Mechanic

As a king, on your throne you have the opportunity to listen to NPC’ that come before you, listen to their stories and judge them accordingly, this will involve investigating the characters involved in the aid story and working out if its truthful or not. To me this sounds like a side quest option but sounds quite fun.

Touch Mechanic

Out with the old expressions in fable 2 and in with the new touch mechanic. As much as you would love to See a king beltch as loud as he can, it doesn’t look like its going to happen.

The mechanic works on what I like to call a progression system. Say you ae courting someone, first off you would give them a hand shake, then later it can progress to a hug, then an embrace, then a full on passionate snog. Nice.

Sounds simple enough but it doesn’t stop there, apparently it is ion a much higher level. Molyneux’s example was, if you heard a child screaming from a house, in games now a days it would be something simple as press A to save, but ts system lets you control pretty much each movement, such as you may choose to guide the child and cuddle it to reassure it. So this mechanic has something that other games don’t, the actual freedom of choice.

Well to me it looks like Fable III will defiantly be oneĀ  to look out for. Late 2010. Watch this space for more info.

Fable III Trailer

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