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Imagine you are stuck in a city which is very reminiscent of Las Vegas, Navada. A Zombie infection has broken out, and you are alone surviving the zombie infested casinos. But your not just trapped with Zombies here you are also trapped with a nice collection of deranged psychopaths to boot.


I am of corse talking about Dead Rising 2. The next big Zombie title to hit Quarter 1 2010. You play a guy called Chuck Greene, he is a former motocross champion and has decided to take some time out in a fictional representation of Las Vegas, called Fortune City. Untill the Zombie plague reaches the city and it’s up to him to survive the undead.

So as you can see straight off the baton here you are not secluded to one building. The first Dead Rising saw players battling zombie hordes in a massive Mall. Dead Rising 2 seems to be spread across a whole city, with plenty of weapons at your disposal.

Right, so if it’s spread across a whole city, then why doesn’t Chuck decide to high tale it out of there? Well this sequel is set to have a deeper story line than just mowing down zombies. Chuck’s daughter has gone missing and one of his key objectives in this game is to find her before it’s too late. So it’s got some more depth than just a guy with a camera, killing zombies and looking at his watch. Which is pretty good really, seeing as I like to have some sort of objective when it comes to killing Zombies.


Mind you though, game play wise you will still have the classic time management system you did in the original. So you will still be looking at your watch (but please for the love of god lets hope Capcom have taken Standard definition just a little bit into consideration). There will also be a variety of new weapons and objects at your disposal to fight off the undead hordes. Such as Wheel Chair, A Craps stick (you know the dice game in casinos, and the stick the guy uses to collect the dice back up, yeah that thing) and a shotgun with a pitch folk strapped to it. Believe me though, you are gonna need all these new weapons, wanna know why? Well in the original Dead Rising you had about a maximum of 800 zombies on the screen at one time, so back then it was a sizeable zombie mosh pit. In Dead Rising 2 you can have a maximum of 6,000 on-screen at one time. That is the equivalent of a Circle Pit at a Devil Driver Concert and believe me, thats blinking massive.

Now we all love zombie slaying as much as the next gamer, but we also love Zombie slaying with a friend, and Dead Rising 2 offers this. May I introduce the multiplayer element of this game, this game mode sounds pretty damn interesting and is kind of reminiscent of the old Smash TV game back on the Sega mega drive. The idea is that players will be put into a Reality TV show called ‘Terror Is Reality’ then each player is pitted against each other for some zomb ie slaying action, they are placed in a room and have to kill as most zombies as possible to rack up points. Players can use any weapons that are given to them from your bog standard melee weapons, to chainsaw equipped motor cycles. You will also have the option to prevent other gamers from scoring using ‘dirty tactics’, though it hasn’t been confirmed what those tactics are yet.

Dead Rising 2 sounds like a vast improvement from the original. It takes the best bits from the first game and adds to them, while also shoving a lot of new content in. I will be keeping a keen eye on this game, as I really didn’t get on well with the first one, but I really wanted too…. Maybe it was because of my Standard Definition TV, but who knows.


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Garvaos On December - 4 - 2009

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