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Everywhere outside of Japan and the US (namely Europe and Australia) almost always get screwed when it comes to special editions of games, and even miss out on some games altogether. I for one am still bitter that Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories – especially seeing as it was released in the US, meaning that all of the translation work had already been done. This is generally because the UK isn’t seen as a big enough market, but for the gamers in the UK its really a raw deal.

With the PS3 unable to play PS2 games (read my related rant here), and being a big fan of the God of War titles, I was unsurprisingly disappointed that the US-released God of War Collection - containing both PS2 GoW titles remastered for PS3 - wouldn’t be hitting Europe’s shores. It was then that I heard some news, and naturally I thought it couldn’t possibly be true. It couldn’t possibly mean our country. But it was – and I’m happy to announce that according to Playstation Europe, God of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition will be coming to the UK this March!

Now this was worth waiting for. The Ultimate Trilogy Edition features the European edition of Kratos’ latest adventure packaged in a beautiful replica of Pandora’s Box. This alone would probably be worth paying a little extra for, but Pandora’s Box is known for holding wonders – and it certainly doesn’t disappoint; inluded within the box is also the amazing God of War Collection - that’s right, the entire trilogy in one fantastic box.

The included God of War I and II games have been remastered in HD with full trophy support – an of course it means that all three games can be played on the PS3 – now that’s a lot of epicness! And if you haven’t even played the originals yet, it should be plenty to keep you busy for quite some time.

Now, that alone sounds good to me – but it seems for once we’ve actually got a really good deal. Not only is the entire trilogy packaged in the box, but I can see why Pandora was so tempted to open the damn thing – as well as all three games, the package contains a selection of other goodies.

  • A huge selection of GoW3 DLC – including all four pre-order skins that have otherwise been handed out individually alongside the n0rmal editions of the game with various pre-orders from different sellers. Also a special arena mode with seven special challenges, and a full length documentary on God of War III
  • A selection of beautiful artwork in the form of an artbook and some postcards (why do they always do them as postcards? I mean, who would ever actually send one to someone? Never mind.)
  • Two CD’s – a God of War Trilogy Soundtrack, and an EP featuring a metal homage to GoW – entitled “Blood and Metal”.

Kotaku has stated that the package will be worth $100, which translates to a little over £60 in sterling. An extra £20 sounds like a no-brainer of a purchase, although I could see the price being as high as £80 when they actually price it up. Hopefully I’m over-estimating , but considering you’re getting two games, two CD’s and more, all in an awesome container - I’d personally be willing to pay as much as £40 for the pleasure. Due to be released in March alongside the release of the regular edition of God of War III, the Ultimate Trilogy Edition is a collector’s item for sure.


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Leon On January - 9 - 2010

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  1. MarkuzR says:

    HOLY CRAPOLA!! As each year goes by, the gaming industry gets a little bit closer to that point where I’ll be moist with anticipation of a new release, purely on aesthetic values. My collection of DVD box sets (ie FANCY box sets, not normal crappy ones) is definitely a source of pride for me but my gaming box sets just don’t even come close. None have been attractive enough YET… but this is awesome :D

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