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There are only a few games in this world that grab my attention every time, even if the slightest utterance of a name is mentioned my ears perk up. Halo and Grand Theft Auto being two prime examples. There is also one specific genre that has the same effect, whether it is in films, games or even books. That genre is Film Noire.

So when I first heard the name L.A. Noire, a title that is being created by non other than the creators of the Grand Theft Auto series, Rockstar Games. I could not help but prick my ears up, and dive deeper into the somewhat limited information there is about this game. But the information I did dig up about it is very interesting indeed.

For those of you expecting a GTA game set in 1940′s america, will you please stop reading, as this game is a somewhat different outing for the notorious Rockstar. Yes it is open world, and yes it is an action game, but it is a game that takes a somewhat different approach to the open world GTA we adore and love.

For starters we are in a city which is every bit historically correct. You are in The city of angles, Los Angeles, in 1947. You play a cop call Cole Phelps, who is looking to clean up the streets in this corrupt and hell-bent time. As corrupt and hell-bent cities go, you are defiantly going to have your work cut out,  as well as police corruption, our boy Phelps has some inner demons of his own. He did some bad things back in World War II which are no doubt gonna come back and bite him in the butt as the story progresses.

interestingly though as the game progresses Phelps will progress up the police hierarchy ladder, meaning you will start off policing traffic, process to vice then to homicide, among others.

The one element of gameplay that has been revealed to the masses is the detective work. When you come across detective work in games such as Arkham Asylum, you can switch on detective mode and hey presto the clues are there staring you in the face. L.A. Noire is somewhat different, it takes a more realistic approach to detective work, meaning a crime scene will have no highlighted clues, forcing you to really look at what is in front of you for any shred of evidence. The gameplay mechanic then really shines through here, say you find a pair of glasses on the floor of the crime scene, Phelps will then not details in his note-book on things like the brand etching on the inside, and how the lenses are broken. This means that this is probably the closest you can get to real life detective work without being in the police force. There has been some

Another element of this game that has been touched on is the way the actors have been motion captured. Rockstar and Bondi boast that the way this game has been captured and made, could be the start of how all games are made in the future. They use a new facial capturing system that places the actors in a large room, they then act out the scene and everything is recorded, from large expressions to the tiniest twitches from the eyes and mouth. As this is going on the dialogue is also recorded. This in turn means all the recorded information can then be converted and rendered into the game with no use for animators. Sounds pretty slick. This technology influences another gameplay mechanic, interviews. When you interview a person you will be able to see every movement their face makes, meaning you will be able to detect if they are lying or not. You will then have a set of answers/actions to perform after they have spoken which follows the same vein as Mass Effect.

As for gun play and all out action? Nothing has been revealed yet, but to me this game is defiantly one I will be keeping my eye on. I will leave you with the trailer.


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