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Disclaimer: The interviews for Inside Look are the ideas of the Plus XP Team ONLY and are not the ideas of the creators and developers of the games. All characters interviewed in Inside Look remain the property of the video game developers and creators. Basically we are sorry if we took your characters guys, we promise we’ll give them back.

Beanie: Greetings one and all welcome again to inside look. Now this week I am interviewing someone who I first met when I had my very own PC and is very dear to my heart. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the PC from fallout 1, the Vault Dweller!

V.D: I do have a name you know.

Beanie: Oh I’m sorry; except when we called you in you didn’t give us one…what shall I call you?

V.D: I have many names. Some call me the lone wanderer; some call me the initiate, some call me the saviour of humanity …but you may call me Tim.


Beanie: Err, right. Well Tim, you weren’t very popular when you first showed up on our PC’s in ’98, why do you think that was?

V.D: I think the reason is a simple one, people were simply unready for the style of RPG I was starring in: a dark post apocalyptic wasteland, with giant insects, hugely deformed mutants, Mad Max style raiders, ac complex interwoven plot and…and…

Beanie: The ability to shoot someone in the crotch?

V.D: Yes! I mean, in what other RPG you could blast someone in the nuts with a shotgun for massive damage?

Beanie: ANYWAY! After you arrival you developed a cult following at and had two follow up games in the series canon, how do you feel about them?

V.D: That’s a complex question. I had to fight hard to finish my quest; the game was buggier than unpatched Empire total war. I had to survive waves of raiders, rabid dogs, supermutants and shit scary Deathclaws before I got kicked out on my ass! I save the whole of southern California and I’m disposed of like…like…

Beanie: A used Kleenex?

V.D:…What’s a Kleenex?

Beanie: But what about your sequels?

V.D: Well, my great-grandchild (Fallout 2) was pretty cool. Though kid taking on a Supermutants in power armour, still not sure how they turned into a Native American though.

Beanie: What happened to them after that?

V.D: Well, the epilogue tells us they became the next elder, but that’s not strictly true, actually went into business with the Iguana Bob Corporation.

Beanie:…you mean, the guys who cook Iguanas and sell erm like hot dogs? Didn’t they use humans as well?

V.D: Nothing was ever proved!

Beanie: What about Fallout 3?

V.D: Urgh, oh Gawd…THAT. I guess the skill was watered down over time, good idea badly executed. Spoilt kids with their pretty graphics huge maps. I didn’t have that luxury! Let see how kid 101 would survive MY random encounters without their FATMAN launcher!

Beanie: What ever happened to Dogmeat, I mean, you’re Dogmeat?

V.D: Ah, yes, unfortunately my poor mutt bit the dust when I set off a nuke…its a messy subject…

Dogmeat...In Happier Times.

Beanie: Ok…well, er, yes! You came from a retro 50’s world where atomic cars allowed amazing travel, power armoured infantry is used in a war against China and robots help us in our day-to-day chores. Do you think any of that is likely in our world?

V.D: Well, no offense, but you robots kinda suck and atomic powered cars aren’t really a great idea, no-one likes travelling with a walker nuke. War with China..Perhaps, but the one thing you must fear above all else, is aliens.

Beanie: Aliens?

V.D: Yes! Mutants and the evil enclave were nothing, the real threat is the little green men! Or is it grey men, I can never remember which…

Beanie: …how, old are you again?

V.D: 96, why?

Beanie: No reason, anyway, thankyou for your time and uh, sorry about Van Buren…


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