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Welcome to this weeks Inside Look and this week I am on the sofa with non other than Ken Masters from the ever so popular fighting series Street Fighter.

Garvaos: Welcome to the show Ken and how are you today?

Ken: Can’t complain, Still kicking every ones ass as per usual.

Garvaos: That’s….Good to hear. So Ken you have been fighting for a number of years now, yet you still look as youthful as you did in the first street fighter. Tell me, what is your secret?

Ken: Youthful? Back in the Street Fighter one days I was as this as I could possibly get, as were all the fighters as a matter of fact, Now a days we have thickened out, its as if another dimension has been added to us. But so long as I am still kicking butt, I don’t care.

Garvaos: I see… Well at least it doesn’t get in the way of your fighting. Talking about fighting I have always wandered, your best friend Ryu who you trained with is a pure bread Japanese man and so is you trainer Gouken. As your an American Mr Masters don’t you find it some what hard to understand what the hell they are saying?

Ken: Why do you think in the latest street fighter I am always using the fire Shyroken? I mean I generally get the gist of what they are saying but when I was training with them it was mainly copy what they are doing and hope it works. I then perfected my Shyroken to be the most bad ass move in my arsenal, now I can’t stop using that flame uppercut because quite frankly, it is awesome.

Garvaos: That does explain Ken I must say. Have you ever tried coming up with your own fighting style?

Ken: pffff Hell no. I mainly come to each tournament to beat up Ryu. I act like I am all friends with him but at the end of the day I just like to Shyroken his ass.

Garvaos: You really do like that fire punch don’t you?

Ken: It gets me out of sticky situations. If in doubt just keep doing it till you hear the KO. Saying that, I am never sure where that guys voice who shouts KO comes from. I mean I am there beating the crap out of a guy, then from out of no where a voice shouts KO! And things go into slow mo for a couple of seconds. Happened to me in a bar once. I accidentally elbowed a guy in the face and it happened….weird

Garvaos: yyyeeessss…. Well moving on. Are you excited about the Super Street Fighter IV release at the end of this month?

Ken: Hell Yeah, Ten more fighters to beat up, How can you not love that? It’s good to see some old faces like Cody and Dee Jay. Not sure about this Juri character though. I met her a couple of times. The way she keeps licking her lips. I think she has the hots for me.

Garvaos: Isn’t she some sort of Evil psycho?

Ken: I know how hot is that?!

Garvaos: You do have a point there. But arn’t you just a little creeped out by her eye?

Ken: That’s her best bit!

Garvaos: I’m not going to even ask what you plan to get up to there…

Ken: Well….

The picture then goes silent with a the words EXPLICIT CONTENT flashing on the screen in red righting. In the back ground we see Ken doing all sorts of explicit thrusting and licking moves and a very petrified looking Garvoas. The picture then returns with Ken sitting on the sofa with a cheeky smile on his face, and Garvaos just vacantly staring into space.

Ken: Oh common man, don’t tell me you wouldn’t?…..ummm Dude?

Garvaos then slowly falls off the couch and face plants the floor. The letters KO are shouted from no where as he hits the floor.

Ken: Awwww hell not again.

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Garvaos On April - 8 - 2010

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  1. Van-Fu says:

    Garvaos takes one for the videogaming community. What a legend. Rather him than me, though.

  2. markB0SS says:

    Ken sounds alot like me… we should go out for a drink together.

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