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Setting- Mark Boss sitting opposite Sonic the Hedgehog on set. Sonic is slouched down on his seat wearing sunshades with a lit cigarette limping between his fingers.

Mark Boss: Hey gamers, Mark Boss here about to speak to the one and only, ambassador of Sega, hero of small mammals, Sonic the Hedgehog. Now before I carry on I just have to say that, Mr Sonic, it is a REAL pleasure to have you here on with us. I am a huge supporter of your work and you’ve inspired me to accomplish so.. #interrupted#

Sonic: Thanks man, thanks. You know I totally appreciate your gratitude Mark ;) means a lot to me brother. And please just call me ‘Sonic’. #takes a smooth puff from his limping Marlboro#

Mark Boss: yeah, cool #smiles#

Mark Boss (thinking to self) : OMG HE JUST MADE EYE CONTACT WITH ME! …through his shades.

Mark Boss: So it seems after a long void you’re appearing back on our screens with recent titles such as ‘Sonic Unleashed’ and even more recently with the upcoming title Sonic 4, how’s the break been for you?

Sonic: #rubs his stubbly jaw as he answers# Certainly Mark, well you know, I guess after saving the universe a few times, Sega realised maybe they should give me a break, #laughs#. And yeah, there was definitely a dull in my career, but I had a great run during the nineties and I am really grateful for all my all fans and their continued support even today.

MB: Fantastic, and how would you compare your work in the past with what you’re doing today? Obviously as the times have changed so has the games you’ve been in.

Sonic: Well the ‘PIECES’ I have done between now and then, have certainly changed to reflect the times man. I mean these days all the kids like the whole ‘Sonic X’ stuff, back then it was so much more naturally defined, you know what I mean dude?
These days it’s all about the pretty colours and the fancy 3D graphics. I mean like back then in the 90’s for example, it was just about the score man! Just about getting the rings, saving some small woodland mammals and BEATING Dr Robotnik! Back then there was that passion.

Mark: Right of course, now despite Dr Robotnik being your on screen arch nemesis, off screen you two have actually become quite close, especially in recent times.

Sonic: Totally man, you know, we’re all part of the same circle of life that perpetuates, and since I’ve taken up Hinduism after my much publicised drug taking during the failure of the… of the Dreamcast…


MB: Sonic… you were saying…

Sonic: Yeah, sorry kid, I was just starting to think about the Dreamcast.. god that console had so much possibility, if it weren’t for that damn stupid Pokémon craze…
But yeah, I am a changed hedgehog these days and I believe all life is precious. I mean I even invited Egg man himself to my wedding.

MB: Of course, now this would of been your marriage to Amy Rose, we’ve got some photos here of the event.

#photos of the wedding come up on the screen#

Sonic: Yup, there she is.

MB: What was it like getting married to your long time first love?

Sonic: Well, it was great till she divorced me and turned to prostitution. #takes a final swig of his cigarette and pulls out a bottle of unbranded whisky#

MB: ohhh, I’m sorry to hear it ended in such…

Sonic: YOU KNOW MAN! Tails was right, he was my best man you know! He told me never to trust her, that she was always getting herself kidnapped and stuff and it would never lead to anything solid!
I mean she was just so shallow you know Mark! First it was the fact that my new games weren’t getting the high review scores I used to get! Then it was the fact that I was appearing on a Nintendo system. I MEAN GET OVER YOUR SELF LADY! GET WITH THE TIMES!!!

MB: ohhh, well you..#interrupted#

Sonic: So yeah! We get married, she complains about stuff and then I find her in bed with Knuckles one night, apparently he can fly. So that was awesome. Yay Hinduism! #downs the rest of his whisky#

MB: Ok, well, you know Sonic, it’s not all doom and gloom, as I’ve mentioned you’ve recently found your feet back in the gaming world with great titles such as ‘Sonic Unleashed’..#interrupted#

Sonic: ERGGHH, WHO ARE YOU KIDDING MARK, I SLEEP ON A BED OF LIES! She was right! That whore was right, FIRST there was Yuji Naka leaving the Sonic team, AND NOW,  I mean they’ve got me racing against Mario on the Olympics for crying out..

#grabs Mark by the shirt#

Sonic: MARIO!? That dude jumps on boxes! And then they expect me too loose to him also!! Well F**K YOU NINTENDO! YOU HEAR ME MR MIYAMATO! SUCK ON MY BIG BLUE BALLS!

MB: Ok, well surely there’s something positive you can say about Sonic 4?

Sonic: Don’t buy it, it sucks.

MB: … ok, well

Sonic: Oh and another thing I don’t like f**king chilli dogs either, I’m a damn hedgehog!

MB: ok well that’s all we’ve got time for today. Erm, once again thanks for coming onto the show Sonic, really appreciate it..

Sonic: Yeah whatever. #staggers off stage behind camera#

-Mark Boss

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