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Disclaimer: The interviews for Inside Look are the ideas of the Plus XP Team ONLY and are not the ideas of the creators and developers of the games. All characters interviewed in Inside Look remain the property of the video game developers and creators. Basically we are sorry if we took your characters guys, we promise we’ll give them back.

The camera zooms in, Leon sits on a chair opposite Sackboy, who is waving frantically.

Leon: “Welcome to Plus XP, Sackboy. We are glad to have you here to talk to us.”

Sackboy nods and waves to the camera.

Leon: “You’ve become somewhat of a mascot for Sony this last couple of years, how do you feel?”

He gives a thumbs-up.

Leon: “Not much of a talker, are you?”

Sackboy gestures toward his open mouth, then pulls a sad face.

Leon: “Ah, you can’t talk, eh? Well, I guess we’ll have to improvise.”

There’s a sudden knock on the door, and Sonic peeeks his head round, pulling a huge grin.

Sonic: “Heyy, I can talk lately! Why don’tcha interview me instead? Wanna chilli dog!?”

Leon presses a button on the underside of his chair, and Sonic disappears behind the door once more, his cries muffled as the door closes and the security guards escort him off of the premises.

Leon: “Ah, yes… Now I remember why silent protagonists are so good. Sonic grew vocal chords and just look what happened to him. Hopefully he’ll be out of rehab in time for Sonic 4.”

Sackboy looks uncomfortable, his eyes flicking toward the door now and then.

Leon: “Don’t worry, he won’t be bothering us. Anyway -” he trails of for a moment. “Why are you naked anyway?”

Sackboy shrugs. A few pops can be heard and seconds later he’s donning a suit, some bunny ears and a pair of shades. He looks happy.

Leon: “Ah, getting ready for easter?”

Sackboy looks at his suit, then looks back at Leon, looking somewhat confused.

Leon: “Right. Anyway… where was I… ah, yes! So… after your time in LittleBigPlanet, what have your personal highlights been?”

Sackboy looks a little lost. Leon pulls a small whiteboard and a pen from under his chair, and hands it over to Sackboy’s woolen mitts. He nod happily, and begins to scrawl on the whiteboard.

A couple of minutes later, Sackboy holds up the board. There’s a roughly drawn picture of Sackboy lying in a pile of cash, and what appear to be other sack-people wearing bikinis. He gives the thumbs up once again.

Leon: “Well, yes I suppose… But I more meant, well, do you have a favourite aspect to the game? A favourite part of the story mode, or a specific part of DLC perhaps?”

A couple of pops later, and Sackboy is donning his Sack-Sparrow costume, waving his cutlass around with his tongue hanging out.

Leon: The Pirates of the Caribbean eh? Good call.

He smiles.

Leon: On the subject of DLC…

The sound of locks bolting shut can be heard. Sackboy stops moving, looking back at the door.

Leon: ..that Final Fantasy DLC that was announced over a year ago…

Sackboy shakes his head, before scribbling on the whiteboard hurriedly.

Leon: Is that so? I’m sure you know something… there’s nowhere for you to run now, Sack.

Sackboy pulls an angry face, and leaps at Leon. He attempts to batter him with his cutlass, but the wooden sword snaps. He backs off, and runs toward the door.

Leon: There’s no point trying, this room is completely sponge proof and is crafted entirely out of metal blocks. Just tell us what you know. We’ve all seen the Sephiroth costume, we just want some new information is all…

Sackboy pulls out a paintinator but misses Leon, hitting the camera and coating the lense with paint. Scuffling can be heard, and then silence. A minute later, Leon’s hand wipes the paint off of the camera, revealing Sackboy tied to a chair. Leon holds the paintinator to Sackboy’s head and turns to the camera.

Leon: Media Molecule, we know you’re listening… tell us what’s happening with the FF stuff, or Sackboy gets coated with paint which will not dry clean.

[Picture freezes]

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  1. Dave says:

    This is so funny! Had me in stitches! Caught Sackboy’s characteristics just right, A+ from me!

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