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Yup here it is. My signed collectors edition of Fantasy 13. I got it at the end of a fantastic game launch which I covered. My friends whom weren’t in the queue actually bought me the game and then handed it down to me so I could get it signed. Not only this but out of this years releases Fantasy 13 has been one of my most anticipated games to look forward to along with Alan Wake and Dead Rising 2.

And yet I want to sell it. Why?

YOU GUESSED IT! Cause it kinda sucks.

If your on the internet for longer then 15 minutes youve probably already heard about what the gameplay consists of – walk down a narrow pathway, battle sequence, press A (X), Walk down narrow pathway, cutscene, REPEAT.

And its true.

Screw this 30 hrs it gets better crap, I dont really wana go through that to get to the supposed good stuff.

Or do I? See Im kinda tempted to see if it REALLY does magically get better. Hence one of the reasons im in this dilemma. Plus theres the fact that ITS SIGNED by the producer and writer/director (not sure), which is a pretty cool thing to have. My first actual signed game I believe.

So in comes you guys, my fellow gamers. GAMERS OF THE WORLD UNITE! I reach across to you, across the highway of the interwebz for your input. Across four gaming blogs. leave a comment and VOTE!



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On April - 14 - 2010

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  1. KillerChick says:

    KEEP IT! Forever! It’s yours and it’s special :D

  2. MarkuzR says:

    Dood… take some initiative… take a close up photo of it, then sell it. In 20 years time, if it becomes something that people really badly want and will pay a lot of money for, then forge the signature. People who pay good money for autographed items want their heads looked, as there’s no way to know that it was THAT particular item that was signed and it’s just a signature anyway.

    I have a “Smooth Criminal” 7in single signed by Michael Jackson if anyone wants to buy it? :)

  3. markBOSS says:

    so many people have mentioned that it will go up in value over time being a signed copy, A really good point I am going to take on board. Am gonna count all the votes from across this site and my blogs on Friday. Will Update what my decision is! ;)

  4. Dave says:

    No…No you shouldn’t!

    Regardless of what you think of the game, will you ever have those signatures again?! I’ve also yet to hit the awesome bit, will intend to stick with it!

    • Leon says:

      Unless I missed it, the “awesome bit” doesnt start till past…. 57 hours in. Not worth it, in my opinion :P

  5. Sage says:

    Exactly why you shouldnt sell it. Let it appreciate in value, let people forget it sucks ass, 20 years down the line, YOURE RICH!

    Seal it in a good ziplock, keep it clean, and bam, kid’s college fund.

  6. Garvaos says:

    Leon also has A point. I also say keep it because of that reason, and maybe the fact I wanna borrow the game and have a stab at it myself :p Hopefully not with a machete.

  7. Leon says:

    I vote keep, but for the fact that it’s likely to be worth more in the long run, being a signed copy and all. Thats the kind of stuff that usually goes up in value over time ;)

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