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In my eyes, Capcom create the best fighting games out there, and nothing compares. Tekken? Too button mashy. Virtua Fighter? Too realistic and difficult to pick up and play. Mortal Kombat? Too cheesy. Now, I’m not saying that I don’t think these series’ have their merits – it’s generally personal preference to which fighter suits you best – but games like Capcom vs SNK 2 and Street Fighter IV are examples of the few fighters that keep me genuinely hooked, not getting simply played for a week and never touched again. With decent rosters, cool moves and gameplay that is both exciting and technical, there’s just something about them that keeps me interested no matter how much I play.

Amongst these fighters, one of my personal favourites was Marvel vs Capcom 2 on the Playstation 2 - perhaps one of the best combinations I could ever see – Capcom’s heroes clashing against the colourful and fantastic comic book heroes of Marvel – allowing for spectacular battles such as Jill Valentine, Megaman and Ryu facing off against the likes of Wolverine, Venom and the Hulk. The game featured 56 characters – all beautifully animated and with individual move sets, and is one of my most-played fighters of all. Naturally I’d always wanted another installment – the ever-growing ranks of Capcom just praying to be included – such as Devil May Cry‘s Dante, Okami‘s Ameterasu. However, it could not be done – MvC2 soon saw limited print due to Capcom losing the Marvel license, and hopes of a sequel were all but lost.

However, this week brings big news - with a surprise announcement. Ten years on from release of Marvel vs Capcom 2, and months after it’s port to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, Garv spoke the words I had been waiting for for such a long time.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 has been announced.”

That’s right – it’s official. So far we have six confirmed characters, according to trailers and artwork. On the Capcom side we have – big shock – Ryu. Alongside him are a Resident Evil 5-style Chris Redfield, and the seductive succubus Morrigan from Darkstalkers. The Marvel side features three classic superheroes – Wolverine, Iron Man, and the Hulk. Nothing new as such, but I’d be disappointed if they weren’t there. More interestingly, there are a number of silhouettes surrounding the fighters – and some of them are extremely suspicious. Kotaku have done the work here and I see no reason to think they have it at all wrong. So feast your eyes on the images below.

That’s right – it seems Dante finally should make his appearance in the series, along with Darkstalkers’ Felicia, Street Fighter’s Chun-Li, Dead Rising’s Frank West, alongside Marvel’s Dr Doom and Deadpool. The others I either don’t know personally or I’m not 100% convinced of so far – but make your own judgements. Is it just me, however, or could that be the much-hated Seth from Street Fighter IV standing next to the silhouette of Chun-Li with ??? above his head? I hope not - or if it is, I hope he’s going to be nerfed to hell so that we can enjoy hulk-smashing him to death.

If the artwork’s not enough, we even have a trailer! It’s very Street Fighter IV with its ink-style artwork, but it looks impressive. The game itself looks to be done in a similar style to that of Tatsunoko vs Capcom, with the 2D combat using a cel-shaded 3D graphics engine – however this time it’s going to be on the more powerful consoles, so we’ll hopefully be seeing something quite beautiful.

I’m sure as hell excited, Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds looks to be one of the biggest games to be announced this year. Hell, it’s even taken my mind off of Super Street Fighter IV. I look forward to hearing more, and hope to bring you the news whenever I get my hands on it.

But once again, let me savour the words I never thought I’d actually be able to say, and I say it with true excitement.

Marvel VS Capcom 3 is on its way.


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Leon On April - 21 - 2010

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  1. Garvaos says:

    Dante would make this game! If they implamented Virgil or Nero or even Both I would be so pleased :) Imagin LDK Sparda!

    Ok I’ll stop being a geek now :p

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