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After the huge success of God of War III, it was said that although the latest title gave a conclusion to the storyline of the first and second games, it would not be the end of Kratos. There’s word of some free DLC adding an epilogue to the PS3 title – but while we wait for that, I have some news that’s perhaps just as good.

To expand on Kratos’ life, a second PSP title has been announced! That’s right – in the same vein as Chains of Olympus, upcoming PSP title Ghost of Sparta will once again delve back into moments of Kratos’ past.

The game is to be set in what is perhaps one of the biggest spaces in Kratos’ timeline – the era between God of War I and II, as Kratos rises as the true God of War. God of War II saw his godly powers stripped away once more at the offset, so we didn’t really get to play as “God” Kratos so far.

Little is known of the plot itself, but it’s said to cover a fair bit of backstory – giving us storyline behind his tattoo, his scars, and his family once again. It is said to contain “lost worlds” – hopefully places as epic as ones we’ve seen before.

Improving on the greatness of the (albeit short) original PSP title, Ghost of Sparta will supposedly be at least 25% longer, and will boast some of the most realistic visuals seen on a handheld console to date. It’s also said the game will contain new weapons, a new weapon system, new magical abilities and new navigational abilities – no word on exactly what these abilities will be, but if the series’ previous installments are anything to go on, I’ll expect we’ll see some familiar gameplay, updated with a few nice new touches here and there. Perhaps even something totally new – but we’ll just have to wait and see. Don’t worry though, Ghost of Sparta will be following the traditional style of the series, with hack and slash combat, gory QTE’s and puzzles along the way – so it’s not going to be a completely changed system or anything like that.

The screens so far look great for a handheld title, and as long as this game meets the standards of Chains of Olympus it will be worth buying – but I expect we’ll be seeing something even better this time around. Shouldn’t be too long – as the game is said to be set for release some time this year!


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Leon On May - 12 - 2010

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