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One of the very few games I always come back too when I have nothing else to play is Portal. The very idea of a first person puzzle game that uses portals to get around and solve puzzles really puts a smile of my face each time I think about it. God knows how many times I have played through the first Portal and loved it.

E3 this year saw Portal 2, and oh my god I think I have seen the game of 2011, no sod that I have seen the game of the decade. Believe me, I am not exaggerating.

The first portal gave us so much, by showing us a new dimension to puzzle games and indeed first person perspective games as a whole. Now that the first game has established this, this then gave Valve a lot to play with for next installment, and believe me when I say that Valve have gone full-out with Portal 2.

Lets set the scene, it has been a fair few years since GlaDOS was destroyed and the Aperture Science facility was blown to smithereens, and for some reason you have made a welcome return to the test facility. Valve have stated that this game will be more story heavy than the last game. But knowing Valve’s use of the use of humour and the awesome personality that is GlaDOS, the game being more story driven is defiantly not a bad thing.

From what I have seen you are first guided around the ruins of the Facility by an AI sphere named Wheatley. He has an awesome british cockney accent and is just simply trying to break you out. What I have seen of him is hilarious, in certain parts of the opening of the game he has to access information from the Aperture science data base. Thing is he can’t do whilst you’re looking because it makes him nervous, its little bit of humour like this that will make portal 2 pretty much perfect. Anyway Wheatley is the one who accidently awakens GlaDOS and, she rebuilds the facility around you.

As she is rebuilding she has put in some new things into each test chamber, it is up to you to of corse complete the puzzles and get your self out of there and probably defeat her once more. NOw with the facility being rebuilt there is obviously going to be some new puzzles, and some new features. I gotta say, some of the new things that Valve have put into this game, look amazing.

So what new features are we looking forward too? Well here is a list of what has been confirmed.

Tractor Beams

These beams are very simple but effective. They can carry objects in a straight line in mid-air. The beauty of these things is that you can of corse use portals to alter the destination of said tractor beam. For example, you want a cube, throw the cube in the beam, set a portal at the end of the tractor beam, set another portal above the button you want the cube to go on and watch is float onto the button. Very simple, but when used with transporting yourself, very awesome.

Ariel Faith Plate

Basically these are just huge trampoline floor tiles that spring you in a direction with great hight. Think Sonic and the trampolines you get in that and you get the idea. Just times it by at least 100.

Thermal Discouragement Beam.

Basically a shiny red laser beam that will instantly fry you. The awesome thing here is they come with cube’s with mirrors in them. So you pick one of these cube up and you can direct the beam how you want with the cube, destroying enemies and activating switches, of corse you can use portals to direct the beam also.

Pneumatic Diversity Vent

This vent will suck up anything and just transport it to another place in the facility or another section of the room. Watch in hilarity as you see gun droids get sucked up by this thing and they shout, weeeeeee!

Repulsion Gel

A nice blue goo like substance that is dispensed out of a vent. Use portals to put the gel wherever you like, then walk on it and see yourself rocket to the skis. Like the ariel faith plate but more portable and awesome.

Prepulsion Gel

Another Nice goo that is dispensed out of a vent. This Red Goo when applied to any surface lets you run along that surface and tremendous speeds. It’s like nitrous oxide for your feet. Its going to be one of my favorite features next to the tractor beam.

Portal 2 is looking amazing, and it sounds like there might be more announced yet. In my opinion it looks like this game is set to be a full stand-alone release as opposed to a downloadable game, meaning Vale will have a lot to play with.

I Love GlaDOS!


Video’s from IGN’s E3 Portal Coverage

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