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Now I think I would be under exaggerating just a tiny bit when I say I like halo. I think this every time I look at My Xbox 360 game collection and see almost a 3rd of my games are Halo (yes ok My collection Isn’t that big), but the more I think about it. The more I think “is there anything different they can bring to the FPS genre, are they just gonna stick with the old Halo Mechanics?”

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In all honesty I was losing hope in halo, Untill Fire fight mode came along in Halo ODST. Granted, games like Gears Of War and Call Of Duty had the same kind of idea first. But having a horde type mode in Halo really was a joy to behold, sure it had some kinks and needed some things worked out, but the core game play of Fire Fight was truly addictive and something quite genius, yet simple.

So you can probably imagine my excitement to hear that Halo Reach is in fact going to have its own Fire Fight mode. But his time it has been revamped, re-jigged and had a load of new content thrown in. So take a seat as I take you on a whistle-stop tour of The Halo Reach Fire Fight Mode.

So lets start with the basics, what is firefight mode? Because I bet you some of you out there have no clue what I am talking about. Ok well in simple terms firefight places you and up to three other friends in an arena. You then have to work together against wave a-pon wave of enemies that fly in. The longer you survive the better you do basically. After each round you get skulls thrown in to make the game a little harder. Each skull has a different variation on the game, for example, if the catch skull is activated the enemies are going to throwing a huge amount of grenades at you.

So now the basics are out-of-the-way, what is going to be brand new in the Reach version of Firefight?

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New Weapons And Equipment

It would be a bit silly if the new Firefight didn’t come with some new additions to the arsenal, but not only that there are the upgrades to the spartan armour. As you know Reach comes with armour abilities and these will feature in Firefight, so jetpacks, sprint, cloaking and emp shield will feature in firefight, but there is also a new ability. The shields drop, that puts down a big bubble shield for your team mates to regenerate health in, handy.

As for new weapons, the biggest new addition to Firefight is the target locator, Think hammer of dawn from gears of wart mixed with airstrike from worms. rascally you aim the weapon at the thing you want to die and the UNSC we airstrike the bugger, again, another handy addition.

We will also see things like weapon drops, which Give you bigger guns to kill the Covenant with, always nice.

Rocket Fight

Ever since I heard about this I have been giggling in a corner. Some people may say I look a tiny bit insane but hey. Rocket fight is your usual firefight game but with only rocket launchers and unlimited ammo. BIG SHINY BOOM! There is also another Firefight game variant which some of us maybe familiar with after playing the Reach Beta. They are throwing in a generator defence mode as well, where basically you have to defend generators from the Covenant onslaught.

Wave Limits and Time Limits

The default way of playing Firefight has changes somewhat. The original firefight game only gave you a set amount of lives and they round and waves were un limited, making the game a test of endurance, good for some, tedious for others. So the default way to play now is all waves and rounds are timed, your lives are set to unlimited and it has basically turned into a how far you get game as opposed to a how long you can last. But don’t fret, the original endurance mode is still playable.


This version of Firefight is pretty much fully customisable. Meaning you can make anything your own. Weapon loadouts, game variants, even customise your own skulls.


It took Bungie long enough to realise that not having a matchmaking option in this mode was a bad idea, now you can jump in and out of games across Xbox live with every halo fan across the world….Awesome!

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firefight for Halo reach looks set to be one of the multiplayer game modes that will be played for years to come. I love Halo and cannot wait for Reach this Autumn.


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