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Now if you’ve been following my previous articles regarding Capcom’s latest (and most exciting) VS title, you’ll know that I’m excited to see the long-awaited Marvel vs Capcom 3 in the pipeline. Teasers released originally gave us a load of silhouettes amongst the few confirmed characters nudging us to who else would be occupying the roster in the new fighter.

This week, along with all the E3 news, has given us a further look into what we can expect; with some tantalising footage of the game in action, and some more confirmed characters. I’m glad to announce that all of them look good – and in most cases predictions have been right. On Marvel’s side we have fan favourites Deadpool and Captain America, and Capcom has brought along two worthy additions – Felicia and Dante.

If you know me, you’ll know that Dante is perhaps my favourite character in gaming – so naturally this is a very exciting time for me. And looking at the footage – I’m not disappointed. Fans of the Devil Hunter will be pleased to hear that Dante is based on the younger Devil May Cry 3 version, as are his moves. Amongst his arsenal he is able to use all five of his DMC3 weapons in various attacks – using his main sword Rebellion for stylish regular combos, tri-nunchuks Cerberus for an ice attack, a dashing slash with the dual swords Agni and Rudra, bat storm attacks by jamming out electric guitar Nevan, and even some melee Beowulf attacks in there too – such as the downward “Killer Bee” kick. References to his styles are also there – such as the “Royal Guard” stance for blocking, “Trickster” dashes and of course “Gunslinger” and “Swordmaster” attacks all over the place, Ebony and Ivory serving as his main form of long-range attack. They really look as though they have Dante down to perfection – including his signature Devil Trigger and Jackpot moves for his super attacks – and importantly, Reuben Langdon once again reprised his role as the voice actor. All I can say is – this is what I’ve been waiting for for a long, long time.

As much as I’d like to leave this whole post as an homage to Dante, I know better! Somewhat of a Marvel counterpart to Dante, Deadpool can also be seen toting twin pistols and swords, his teleportation abilities making him look quite unpredictable. Although I’m not hugely familiar with Deadpool (aside from his apparently awful version in X-men Origins), I’m aware that he’s quite popular amongst the comic fans and he’s looking as good as the rest. He definitely has the cocky attitude to rival Dante for one thing!

Captain America is one of the characters returning from the previous installments of the series, returning with all his classic shield throws and charge attacks. Sadly, Felicia hasn’t been shown in IGNs video footage of the game, but it’s good to know she’ll be in it for sure. Who doesn’t like hot cat girls?

As for the characters that we already knew of – they’re looking good. Ryu is as solid-looking as ever, with all the normal attacks you’d expect, and the Hulk and Iron Man also seem to be fairly faithful to their previous renditions in Marvel vs Capcom 2, such as Iron Man’s classic super-huge-omg-laser cannon super attack (the name’s not official), and Hulk’s signature earthquake move.

Chris Redfield seems to be shaping up well – taking a much more melee stance than expected – perhaps a little like Jill in MvC2, he seems to have been beefed up with some MvC exclusive steroids enough to keep up with the big boys. His moves focus on a fairly even mixture of heavy hitting melee attacks and long-range weapons such as flame-throwers and machine guns – his supers also using a mixture of close combat (with a survival knife), and the Resident Evil classic – the Rocket Launcher. Unlike Jill in MvC2, however – he seems to be lacking any zombie related attacks, so I’ll safely say that Frank West is looking quite certain to make an appearance in that aspect – I doubt they’d take the zombies from the Resident Evil mascot without reason! Regardless, Chris is looking good.

Although I was unsure at first about the SFIV-like move to the 3D style of animation, the new videos look far more impressive than initial footage shown a while back. The game is looking great, all the characters looking faithful to their original media and all merging together into a really colourful line-up. The arena shown looks equally good, reminiscent of the parade scene in the first Spiderman movie – showing perhaps even more depth than some of the arenas in Super Street Fighter IV.

I really look forward to hearing more about this title – specifically a release date! It’s looking to be a good successor to its decade-old predecessor and it’s looking as manic as ever. With the new characters to spice up the mix amongst the old favourites, it looks like it can only get better from here. But don’t just take my word – check out the video below.


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Leon On June - 17 - 2010

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    Dante is my favorite character of ALL GAMES, so, THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME… FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!

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