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The first Super Mario Galaxy game stands as my all time favourite Wii game, and my second favourite game of all time. The game was beautiful and nearly perfect in every way. It controlled amazingly. It showed amazing creativity. It looked beautiful. It played beautifully. The story, while minimal, gave way to a much bigger understanding of everything and a touching ending if you cared to explore it and become invested in what happened. It was a well-balanced difficulty, with the game having a nearly perfect learning curve and ending in challenges that were difficult, but not unfair. Then there was the ability to replay the game as Luigi if you got all the stars, and so provided a different way to play what was one of the most incredible, fun games ever created. Anything that wasn’t perfect in Super Mario Galaxy was almost perfect. So, how do you improve on perfection? I don’t know, but Nintendo somehow found a way.

Pictured: Super Mario Galaxy 2. Not Pictured: My lack of pants.

Taking place in an alternative timeline or story where Mario never met up with the Lumas from the first game, Mario is forced to once again go and defeat Bowser and Bowser Jr repeatedly in order to go save the Princess. Surely, Mario’s done it enough times to get the free prize on the loyalty card, right? Instead of the open world hub of the last game, though, this time Mario has a spaceship/planet that looks like him. So I guess you could call it a faceship. (Note: I think someone actually makes this joke in the game) From here, you can explore, mess about with the scenery, ride Yoshi… Oh, didn’t I mention Yoshi? Yeah, you can use Yoshi in this one. And it’s awesome. In fact, everything in this game is awesome.

Space Jaaaaaaammmmmmm....

Super Mario Galaxy 2 feels like they took everything that they established and made work in the first Galaxy game and then improved on it, or stretched out different possible scenarios and ideas to the point where even from what little I got to play of the game, it felt like one of the most magical, inventive games imaginable. Levels look and play beautifully. The music is incredible. The game is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It even has 2D sections in the style of the Super Mario Bros games. New items like Cloud Mario give more ways to combat levels and give the player new levels of creativity with how to approach a level. Yoshi is simply awesome, and the sections I played with him felt intuitive and perfectly designed, and his inclusion was something that was clearly intended early on, rather than a last second conclusion. Luigi’s unlockable from 20 stars, meaning you can approach and do some levels as Luigi early on if you want a different style to play, or a slightly bigger challenge. The whole game is harder to boot, with the whole game designed for those who completed Super Mario Galaxy in mind. Trying a level as Luigi felt just as fun as attempting it with Mario, and the extra level of challenge is a welcome plus for those who want the game even harder. The Boss levels like the rest of the game are expertly crafted, and the battle I tried felt perfectly designed and challenging, and felt even more rewarding when I defeated Bowser Jr.

Anything else I say about the game, especially considering what little I’ve played of it may end up coming off as the rantings of a lovestruck fool. Simply put, even from what little I played of Super Mario Galaxy 2, I am in love. It may have been love at first sight, love at first play, or anything. But all I know is that I want Super Mario Galaxy 2. I am already in love with the game, and the time I’ve spent without this game feels like my heart is breaking. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is like Nintendo wrote me a declaration of love telling me everything I ever wanted to hear, and meant it. Super Mario Galaxy could be the best Wii game ever made. It could potentially be one of the greatest games ever made. It could potentially end up being my favourite game ever.

Super Mario Galaxy 2. I Love You. Be Mine. <3


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