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I am not much of a Star Wars fan. I mean I think the films are good and very watchable. But I am not going to go out of my way and wear a stormtrooper costume to work. So basically I think the films are good but nothing to get heavily obsessed over.

What I do love the concept of a Jedi. The fact that you have these telekinetic powers and an awesome laser sword really appeals to me. Now if you throw those powers into a 3rd person action/hack and slash game you’re gonna get something quite special. This is why I loved the first Force Unleashed game. It gave you all the power but at the same time left the game challenging. It was really fun to play even if it did have a hiccup here and there.

So you can probably understand my excitement when the force unleashed II was announced. To be honest I was a little confused as to how they could make a sequel with the way the first game ended but never the less they have. I have been waiting to spill some beans on this game, and now that I have the information to do so, I can safely say that this game is probably going to blow some people away. This is the first game times at least 20.

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So what does this new title have to offer? Well once again you are Starkiller, Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, and once again you have power beyond any basic Jedi. In the first game you had powers such as force push to launch enemies into the distance, force drip to pick up enemies and throw them wherever the hell you wanted, Force lightning to electrocute enemies and of corse your trusty light saber to sword combo the hell out of people. Of corse you could combine these powers, such as force gripping a storm trooper, throwing lightening at him then throwing him into a near by pack of storm troopers to creat a lightening grenade that took the troop of troopers out. The first game gave you a lot to play with and the second is going to give you a hell of a lot more.

For instance the second game is going to implement the Jedi mind trick. This is going to be awesome, simply because you will be able to make enemies do your bidding. Say you have a storm trooper in front of you, you can either turn him on his enemies, make him kill himself or fusing them with so much force energy that they become a bomb and will explode when put into another legion of stormtroopers. The choice is yours. Another addition to the force powers is Force Fury. Now the way I see this is I think it is some sort of Devil Trigger system, where by once activated Starkiller’s powers will be ampped 10 fold. Meaning force push will now be force explosion, while light saber attacks become huge ranged combos.

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Speaking of light sabers, this time round Starkiller will be going akimbo with his laser swords. He will be duel wielding light sabers in this game, and this puts a huge smile on my face. So I will be expecting some insane combos, but not only that, the light saber physics have been increased also. Meaning when a lighs taber goes through a stormtrooper the guy is actually gonna get cut in half this time round. But I’m afraid to say that there will be no light sabers going through ATST’s legs, because that would probably break the gameplay somewhat.

The enemies variety has been upped as well, you are gonna get a lot more larger scale enemies in this game. Whereas the first game had a lot of humanoid enemies, this game will have more variety when it comes to enemies in general. With different enemies comes different tactics, you are gonna have to use all your force powers to full effect here as some enemies will be immune so some attacks and powers, while they are weak to others. For example there will be enemies with shields, you’re going to have to use force grip to get those shields away from them before you can inflict some heavy damage.

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This time around it’s not all about action action action. This game will feature more puzzles which will in turn make you use your force powers more. So there will be a lot of variety in-game play as well as enemies and combat.

The force unleashed II looks set to become an extremely good title. If the first one was anything to go by, I am really looking forward to this. scheduled for sometime in Q4 of this year, I cannot wait.


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