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RPG games for me are a mixed bag, there are very few I can really get into and enjoy to the full. The Fable series defiantly being one of them, Borderlands and Fallout 3, again some great RPG titles. But some of what I would say the more traditional ones I really can’t get into for some reason.Games such as most of the Final Fantasy titles for some reason I can’t really fully immerse myself into.

So when I went to the MCM Expo this weekend I hit the Tecmo Koei stand with an open mind, I had already played Fist Of The North Star and loved it, so it was time to try something new. So I was handed a PS3 controller and I started to play Trinity Souls Of Zill O’ll, a third person action RPG with a difference.

Most action RPG games center around one person. Take Fable and Kingdom Hearts into consideration here. You control one character and you basically wreak havoc by yourself or in a part of NPC’s. Trinity souls is a little different in that respect. You pretty much get to play three characters at the same time which you can switch between on the fly, each character having a unique fighting style. This gives the game a great sence of customisable combat and if used efficiently can take down even the biggest of enemies with ease.

Each character has a mixture of abilities you can choose between a hulking titan who has immense strength and can take down legions of enemies with one blow, also use pillars to take down enemies, you have a half vampire who uses ice and fire magic along with sword combat and you also have an elf lady who can double jump, use magic and is very speedy when it comes to combat. Its kind of like the strength skill and magic you have in most games but split between three characters this time as opposed to split into three sections of one character, as they are split between three characters it mean you are going to get a lot more variety when it comes to magic, skill and strength attacks.

The demo it self took us through a forest, there wasn’t really any mention of back story here, the demo was more of a way to show off Trinity Souls game play, the graphics are looking really good, and as this is a PS3 exclusive game it comes to no surprise that they are looking stunning. The attention to detail is good as well, every time you used  freeze spell in the water the water would freeze, giving an interesting element to combat in water.

The mixture of enemies was good too, with certain enemies you had to use specific magic to defeat them, or attack them in the right place in order to defeat them, for example if you were against a possessed tree you had to use fire in order to defeat it quickly, where as some of the bigger enemies you could only attack from behind in order to cause damage.

Trininty Souls Of Zill O’ll is turning out to be a promising game and a great step in the right direction for 3rd person action RPG’s. I cannot wait to see more.


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Garvaos On November - 2 - 2010

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