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Disclaimer: The interviews for Inside Look are the ideas of the Plus XP Team ONLY and are not the ideas of the creators and developers of the games. All characters interviewed in Inside Look remain the property of the video game developers and creators. Basically, we’re sorry if we took your characters. We promise we’ll give them back.

A New Year means a new start, and ever since the Inside Look studio had been overrun by a zombie horde (after Jokesound’s interview with Bill from Left 4 Dead) the studio had been undergoing a refurbishment of sorts. Basically, a big clean up and getting chunks of zombie out of the air conditioning system.

Finally, the Studio was clean enough to start the Inside Look once more and I was on my way. I had been planning the Rebirth of Inside Look for a while; I had been exchanging lots e-mails to get this one guest, and finally I managed to get him down to the studio. I was very excited and I wanted the whole Plus XP team there to witness the revival of something quite beautiful.

Inside Look was back, and I managed to score an interview with Master Chief.

I walked up to the studio door trying to contain my excitement. I opened the door and was greeted by Leon, and only Leon.

Hey man.” I smiled “Where’s everyone else?

A look of disappointment ran across Leon’s face.

“Don’t get mad, But no one else is here.”

“What? Why?”

“Well GuitarGirl ‘s off playing the Rock Band show of her life, Beanie rolled a D-10 on the way here and can’t get past the hobo blocking his way, and Jokesound….”

Leon Paused.

“What’s he done now?” I sighed.

Umm… he is here, but he took Cortana into that broom cupboard over there…” Leon pointed to a cupboard in the backstage area.

I stared vacant for a second, then a confused and disturbed look spread across my face.

“He… he does realise she is an AI, right? I mean….how does he…..? Never mind! Is the MC here?”

“He is, but he demanded that he had some changes made to the set, before I could say anything a load of UNSC work men hit the studio.

“What? Why?”

I pushed past Leon and ran to the set, my mind racing, wondering what the hell was going on. I then walked on set to find a studio kitchen. A UNSC camera man beamed as soon as I walked on set, I was then pushed to centre stage.

And we are rolling!” the camera man shouted. Then Master Chief emerged from behind the kitchen counter with a large chefs hat  and an apron with the slogan ‘Frag The Chef’ on over his Spartan mark V armour. He then turned his head to look at me.

Umm, errr…” I stuttered,  I then composed myself.

Welcome to Plus XP’s Inside Look, and today I am joined by John 117, aka Master Chief, on what seems to be a new look studio. Welcome Chief!”

“Thank you for having me, Before I start I must stress the fact that I don’t reply to Master Chief any more. I am now known as Master Chef! The intergalactic Gourmet King!”


“Before I begin, I would like to thank you for inviting me to your studio, Today I will be creating some of the most intergalactic delicacies from Reach and far distant covenant planets.”

“I never realised you were a Chef, Chief.”

“Not much is known about me to be honest, anyway on with the cookery!”
Master Chef then walked up to the fridge behind him, opened it and then grabbed a punnet of blueberries.

I used to make these for the UNSC troops back when we were taking down the Halo rings, a very simple recipe that takes only five to ten minutes.
He took the blueberries and then tipped them onto the work surface, he then disappeared behind the kitchen counter and then emerged with a cauldron of neon green liquid. He then grabbed a syringe from his back pocket.

“Your armour has pockets?”

“Of course! Where else do you think I put my bubble shields, my grenades, my ammo, my halo ring snow globes and everything else when I save the world?!”
He then dipped the syringe into the green liquid and sucked some of it up.

“Now for those of you watching at home, I am now taking the weapons grade plutonium and injecting it into these Blueberries. “

“Why are you doing that, Chef?”

“All will become clear, soon. After injecting place in the fridge for 10 minutes to cool.”
Master Chef then walked up to the fridge placed his blue berries in there and took out another punnet, he then walked back to the counter and tipped the punnet out.

“Here is what I made earlier, and as you can see we now have some fully functional Plasma Grenades. Note that you must use extremely ripe blue berries for the perfect amount of stickiness when using them.”

“I had no idea, and there was me thinking they were a covenant creation.”

“Nope UNSC speciality, it’s just the covenant have riper blue berries.”

“I see.”

“Next I will show you how to make Needler ammo. First get a fresh porcupine. Now, the porcupines we need are very special, as they can be only found rummaging round in the bins of cocktail clubs.”


Master Chef then brought out a porcupine with needles were fluorescent pink in colour.
“How the heck did its needles get so pink!?” I exclaimed.

“They’re fed on a healthy diet of cocktails and alco-pops. Also, it has been subjected to long stints of 80’s disco cheese.”


“So what you do is pluck the needles from the porcupine as he is still alive… It’s ok, he wont feel it… 90 percent of the time they have the appropriate Bee Gees song stuck in their small brain… and then we throw the needles into the Plutonium and leave to simmer on a high heat for 20 to 30 minutes.”

“Again, why do the covenant use these not the UNSC?”

“Covenant have better parties and cocktails. Next I will show….”
Master Chef was cut off mid-sentence by Jokesound, whom at that moment decided to run across the studio floor in nothing but his boxers with his trousers round his ankles shouting.
“THEY ARE HERE! OH GOD THEY ARE HERE!!!!! Also, high-five, anyone?”

My hand smacked my forehead. “Sorry Master Chef, he is always….”
I was interrupted by a beam of green plasma that shot from one side of the studio to the other. Then a Hunter growled and barged its way through the set door.

Master Chef slammed his hands on the counter in anger, he then turned his head towards the hunter. Slowly ripping his hat off his head, then he marched to the oven behind him, ripping open the door and dragging out a freshly cooked roast turkey. He slammed it down on the counter, put his hand up it and then pulled out an energy sword handle. With a flick of his wrist the energy sword sprang to life.

Leon, GuitarGirl, and Beanie ran onto the set. Leon was armed with a gunblade, and GuitarGirl was armed with an axe shaped guitar. Beanie then decided to roll some dice on the counter. A sad look came across his face, and he then got a wooden spoon from the  kitchen drawer.

Jokesound came running in with 2 gravity hammers; one engraved with ‘Ban!’ and the other ‘Reinstate!’. He then passed me my trusted ban-hammer.
“Where did you get that from?”

“Oh, so they can have gunblades and axe-guitars and you raise an eyebrow at me having this? Not cool, man.”

“It’s more… The Hammer’s kind of my thing, you know? Where did you get yours from, anyway?”

“Let’s just say she didn’t say no to me entering her Halo! Hell yeah! High five!”
Jokesound waited for a high-five that never came.

“Fine then, another time! We need to reinstate these people!”

“You mean… Ban!”


“You do realise you can’t keep that reinstate-hammer, right?”
Jokesound pouted and started whimpering like a lost puppy.

He then started waving his hand like a Puppy asking for food.

“We’ll talk about this later…” I sighed.
Then more covenant forces starting swarming the studio.

“Uh, Rob? I kind of didn’t use anything with her… Will I be alright?”

“Oh, Ed. You have so much to learn. If we get out of this alive, I’ll get the diagrams out again.”
Of course, while the constant mental battle with him was far from over, a newer, more imminent battle was just approaching.

“The studio was just refurbished too…”

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