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Back in September 2007 avid Halo fans saw what they thought was the last outing for Master Chief. He had saved the universe from total destruction and the people of earth thought he had been killed in the process. In the last moments of Halo 3 however we saw Master Chief entering Cryonic Sleep, telling Cortana to “Wake me up, when you need me.” If Halo players were lucky enough to complete the campaign in Legendary difficulty, the scene would continue and show Master Chief’s escape pod drifting towards a strange planet, giving the Halo trilogy a nice cliff hanger ending which opened doors for a new Halo story ark.

Since then we have had two other Halo games that added to the original trilogy, Halo 3: ODST which saw the Halo world through the eyes of a Squad of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (Or ODST) and Halo: Reach a prequel to the original trilogy which in my opinion was the most in depth game of the Halo Series.

So with ODST and Reach being released since 2007 we thought we might have seen the last of Master Chief, especially as Bungie, the creative team behind Halo left the franchise for good after Reach. Surprisingly E3 this year saw 343 industries, the new minds behind the Halo franchise and it’s future, take the stage and announced Halo 4. A continuation from the original Halo trilogy which will give us an insight into what the future may hold for both Cortana and Master Chief.

Nobel 6 in Halo Reach

So what do we know about the game thus far? Well to tell you the truth not that much, but what has been announced already is sure to whet the appetites of any avid Halo fan. Halo 4 will be the beginning of a brand new story ark, 343 industries have announced that the game will in fact be the first of another trilogy staring everyone’s favourite Spartan. Also there will be changes to Master Chief aesthetically as well as mentally. You may have seen in the debut trailer shown at E3 that there have been changes made to Master Chief’s armour, only minor changes as he has been in Cryo-sleep for god knows how long (which also begs the question how did his armour change in the first place) but its obvious that 343 have some big plans for Master Chief’s future.

Another thing to note is the link from the ending of Halo 3. Remember chief’s escape pod was floating towards an ominous planet? Speculation floating around the gaming community suggests the planet maybe of forerunner origin. The forunners being the original creators of the Halo rings, which were designed to obliterate the alien zombie race known as the flood. If this is true we could be in for some epic game play and what I can only imagine will involve some fantastic battles and a great insight into the origins of the Halo rings. But that’s only one theory.

Sadly, we are all going to have to wait until Christmas 2012 before we can get our hands on the next Halo instalment. Until then we should sit back and relax whist we play Halo: Combat Evolved anniversary edition which is coming out this November.

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Garvaos On June - 27 - 2011

4 Responses so far.

  1. Max says:

    You all are wrong. in the movie halo legends, it shows the same planet shown in the end of halo 3. its the planet of the foruners. in the movie, the flood take over the planet by the gravemind, and the foruners stay behind sending pods filled with each species of life, humans, elite, grunts etc. to dif planets. this planet will be the next place point in halo4. basically, the enemies will most likely be flood and foruners.

  2. Syeonix says:

    Actually Bill, a lot of people – myself included – believe this planet to actually be Onyx, the forerunner planet which was a shell of a planet, constructed internally of trillions of forerunner sentinels.

  3. Bill says:

    Kevin you are so wrong, no one has an idea of what the planet is.

  4. Kevin says:

    The Planet is known as sigma 7 it has flood and unsc on its surface

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