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Its time for the first of our Eurogamer Epxo 2011 interviews. This year we were lucky enough to be invited into the press area of the Expo to interview the Project Manager of OnLive Andre Srinivasan. Andre and the rest of the team came all the way from the USA to share with us the UK launch of the OnLive cloud based gaming system, but why am I telling you all of this? Watch now as we take our first look at the brave new world of cloud gaming with OnLive.

Note: Apologies for the slightly loud presenting in this vid. No, its not me trying to hog the spotlight (would I do that….) its just that in order to get this vid onto the web as quickly as possible either I had to be very loud or Andre had to be very quiet and I wanted you all to be able to hear clearly. What can I say, I did my best but it was a big table to get a mic across…

Though most of the main features of the system were covered in the above video, looking at the interview again has made my journalistic mind whir with information, questions and possibilities. I thought I would summarize my post Expo musings about the system in the form of a short Pro and Con list. In the interests of keeping this short, I have chosen what I think are the 3 greatest pros to the OnLive system, as well as the 3 biggest problems users may face.

OnLive Pros:

Adaptable: With OnLive you are not restricted to playing games built for only one console. Because the games are streamed from the cloud, the technology can be built around the games meaning you will no longer be limited by the type of console you have. This also means that forgotten games from the past can be brought back to life with new features such as touch technology. Nice.

No More Waiting: Gone are the days of the postal pre-order. With OnLive gamers can access the newest titles the very second they are released and without the traditional trip to the parcel office in the rain.

Online Community: OnLive puts a lot of focus on developing new features to enhance the experience of playing online. With in game messaging, Brag clip videos and the opportunity to view and then jump in to games with friends as they are being played OnLive offers an impressive set of online features.

On Live Cons:

No Cloud, No Game: OnLive is available on some mobile devices (such as some Android tablets) but with no ability to download it is still reliant on wireless signals. This means that if you are out of the range of a wireless network you wont be able to play. Want to play a game to liven up your commute on the London Underground…um sorry…not going to happen right now.

Limited Privacy: OnLive allows players to view others as they play, comment and even rate their fellow gamers performance. Though to some this will be part of the online fun I worry that it could lead to an increase in online bullying, especially amongst children. Some people play games as a form of escapism and for these gamers this may not be a welcome feature.

Gaming Apocalypse: Ok so I couldn’t think of a title for this one but basically as I have said before OnLive is reliant on the cloud and so we have no form of back up should the super computers powering the system have technical difficulties. Now I have been assured by several of the guys at OnLive that this will not happen and that they have fail safe systems in place etc… but not having a material copy of any of my games does make me a little nervous. Put it this way, if I scratch the disk of my new release at least I know I can stick in a PS2 retro classic to keep me going, but if the cloud goes down, well thats a different matter.

So there you have it, OnLive is now available in the UK. I have been greatly impressed by the versatility of the system and the quality of the gameplay offered and if you are not yet convinced I suggest signing up and having a look for yourself. Its free to sign up and right now your first game is only £1 so now is the time to try out this gaming revolution for yourself. But please, if you are brousing online and come across me playing remember: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all…

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