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Gamers of my generation and the generation before have grown up with the 2D side scrolling platform game. Weather you grew up with the speedy blue hedgehog or the Italian moustache favouring plumber, most of us have at some point in our lives played the a 2D side scrolling platformer.

Even though I will always be a fan of the old classics when it comes to this genre the real gems that stick out for me are the less mainstream titles, such as Metroid or Castelvania. These side scrollers brought something new to the generic jump and run game play mechanic, they brought shooting, levelling up and a whole new depth of gameplay that some of the early side scrollers were lacking.

I was happy to find that Cave Story 3D continues what Metroid and Castlevania stared by keeping some of the classic retro gaming feel you would expect from a platform game, whilst also bringing some new elements to the mix. So take a seat as I take you through why Cave Story 3D is a worthy edition to any Nintendo 3DS game collection.

Originally Cave Story first made its gaming debut on the PC back in 2004 as a freeware platform adventure game created by Daisuke Amaya aka Pixel. Amazingly Pixel created the game over a five year period by himself, in his free time. Cave Story then had a huge cult following on the PC before Nintendo hopped on the bandwagon in 2010 bringing the game to Wii-Ware. Now in 2011 the game is comings 3DS.

The story in itself is pretty straight forward but gripping enough to draw you in. You play a silent protagonist suffering from amnesia, who appears to be stuck in a network of caves. During your cave explorations you discover a dastardly plot being created by a megalomaniac Doctor to control the inhabitants of the caves, forcing them to fight for him as he tries to take over the world. It’s your classic power hungry antagonist story line that pulls you in from the very beginning. You soon discover who you really are, where you are from, and what you have to do to rid the world of this power crazed Doctor. Even though it is a very simple story line it does keep you curious as to what is around the next corner, always good for a hand held game.

The gameplay is you typical side scrolling affair that pays homage to retro classics such as Metroid and Castlevania. Throughout your travels you are given a variety of weapons to add to your arsenal in order to take on the large variety of enemies which will hinder you on your quest. These weapons can be levelled up with yellow gems that are dropped by your fallen enemies, be careful though because if you take damage you weapons level will decrease as well as your health. This means that you have to play a little bit more tactically when it comes to the plethora of enemies that litter your path. Each weapon has three levels each with one more powerful than the last. Once your weapon is fully levelled you are free to wreak some havoc on you enemies, but as soon as you take damage your weapon level goes down. This means that the tides of battle can turn to your enemies favour quite easily. With everything from giant flying beetles to mysterious blobs of blue goo trying to destroy you levelling up your weapons is a must. The weapon levelling system is a great idea but I feel that there should be more depth to the levelling system rather than just the 3 levels offered. What also appeals to me about the game play though is how frequently save points pop up making this game work really well on a portable console.

Graphically the game has a very retro feel that suits the 3DS quite well with the majority of the game lending itself to pixel graphics. However the graphics have been modernised to integrate the 3D capabilities of the 3DS which overall give a great look to the game. The games retro soundtrack also works really well adding to the nice retro feel to the game.

+Straight forward easy to follow story.
+ Frequent save point making the game perfect for portable consoles
+ Great looking retro graphics that work well with the 3D

- Bosses can be a little bit too simple.
- More levelling of weapons.

Score: 8/10 All in all with frequent save points and a good weapon levelling system Cave story 3D is a good portable title with great retro appeal and a storyline which will keep you guessing.


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Garvaos On November - 2 - 2011

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  1. HelenBaby says:

    Its kind of disappointing to see them release a DSi/WiiWare title as a fully fledged retail title. But I must admit it does look and sound good, and is something I actually wouldn’t have mind playing~
    Its quite impressive that one guy developed it all by himself also!

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