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I have always been an avid fan of Tetris; a very simple game that requires you to use shapes known as tetrominoes that are sent thrown down the screen one at a time, tasking the player to manipulate said shapes to construct horizontal lines with no gaps. These lines will disappear once they are constructed, meaning the game continues until the shapes speed down so fast you can’t control them anymore and they reach the top.

This game was made back in 1984, and its still as popular now as it was back then. Since its release there have been several clones and copies that utilise the same idea, so there have to be some that can possibly give the original a run for its money, right? In an attempt to find out, I have compiled a list of some of the most Tetris-like games that have the playability to challenge the puzzler’s throne.


I played this game back on the Sega-Megadrive back in the 90′s, and for some reason I found myself uncontrollably hooked to the game. A very simple concept (probably moreso than Tetris) where you have to manipulate columns as they fall down the play area. The aim of the game is to match up the same colour gems; get three and a row and the gems are eliminated, the game continues until the play area fills up, then its game over. It’s highly addictive and something I must go back to once I find my Megadrive from whatever dark corner of my parents’ house it currently resides.

Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo

A game that has found its place in my heart for many a year. Super Puzzle Fighter is a mixture between Street Fighter (or Gem Fighter if you really want to be exact) and Columns: you are tasked with eliminating coloured gems, but instead of just matching the gems together you have to eliminate them using a power gem. The more blocks of colour you manage to chunk together and eliminate the more powerful your attacks against your opponent become.
As this game is played against an opponent an element of strategy must be used to guarantee victory. When you’ve eliminated some gems, an attack is dished out which in turn throws a mixture of different coloured times gems into your opponent’s play area which cannot be eliminated until their timer runs out, making an intense game of two halves. The balance of speed and timing become essential, and it helps create what has to be one of the most competitive puzzle games out there to date.

If you thought competitive Tetris on the DS was awesome, then you haven’t played Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo.

Bust-A-Move 2

Another game that I fell in love with back on the PS1 was Bust-A-Move 2 (or Bust-A-Bobble, as most people may know it as); basically upside down Tetris with a taster of Columns thrown in. The idea of the game is to eliminate the bubbles before they make their way to the bottom of the playing field; each bubble is coloured and the only way to eliminate them is to match the same colour bubble three or more times to make them pop. The game ends when all bubbles have been eliminated. There is also an overly cute Japanese dinosaur who makes incredibly loud squeaky noises that you either want to cuddle him or smother him to death with a pillow, but non-the-less a highly addictive game indeed.

So those are my top three Tetris-like games that have a chance at beating the original puzzler. Anyone agree? Anyone have ideas of their own?


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