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Well its taken me over a week to sit down and write this, but it is finally my pleasure to bring to you my report from the first London Gaming Con, which I attended with fellow PlusXP members Garvaos and GuitarGirl, and contributor RandomMan. Running between the 4th and 5th December, this convention took place in the Rocket complex in North London. It’s fair to say it was quite the success, with hundreds of guests coming through the Rocket’s large wooden doors and filling out its rather luxurious surroundings. Without further a-do here are my impressions.

PlusXP team. L-R HelenBaby, RandomMan, Garvaos, GuitarGirl

First of all I want to say that the special guests were an absolute joy. Perhaps because of the con’s relatively small size, they were really able to get in and amongst us mere con-goers. The ultimate superstar had to be Zonic (aka Ziggy Newman) who was running about  both days doing a million and one different things. She could be seen greeting new arrivals one minute, onstage taking part in sketches the next, and then you’d turn around and see her making sure everything was Ok on the shop floor, while all the while exhibiting the most cheerful attitude you can imagine. She also made me smile by kindly introducing me to one of the other big guests : Brentalfloss.

Brentalfloss with Kevin Eva from Sonic Wrecks. Taken with my 3DS camera, please excuse the quality!

You may not all recognise the name Brentalfloss, dear readers, but I dare say most of you would recognise his music. Brentalfloss is a comedian and song-writer who changes the words to video game music to create hilarious ditties. He is the man such YouTube greats as “Dr. Mario WITH LYRICS” and “Tetris WITH LYRICS”. I didn’t manage to catch his show at the event unfortunately, but judging by the buzz about it from guests afterwards I can only assume that he went down a storm. He’s also a rather lovely bloke. So thanks for that Ziggy!

Sonic fans were in for a particular treat on Sunday evening when the RadioSega boys did their sets (shout-outs to Svend and Gavvie!). It was refreshing to hear all the old classics, and the dance floor was simply full of Sonic fans getting their grooves on to those delectable beats.

 Of course, as you’d expect from a gaming con, there was a plethora of games on show on the convention floor. Sadly none of these (as far as I could tell) were unreleased exclusives, something which really does undercut the con when compared with the likes of Eurogamer. The fact all the games that were featured were utter gems is some consolation, however. These included a strew of the old Megadrive-era Sonics, Goldeneye 64 and Halo Anniversary Edition, to but scratch the surface. The big tournaments focused around such fan favourites as Mario Kart, Smash Bros Brawl and Street Fighter 4.

3DS owners were, naturally, accosted with StreetPass hits aplenty. I wasn’t there for long on either Saturday or Sunday, but somehow still managed to pick up about 40 during the course of the weekend. 3DS players could often be seen dotted around the comfy seating area downstairs, many playing Mario Kart 7 (which was released the day before the con).

Look! Raving Rabbid plushies!

Something that particularly impressed me about the con was the quality of the shops. They really did offer genuine good quality, which is something you just don’t expect to find at a convention. I even managed to pick up a Sega Saturn for just £20 (from an awesome stall called Game Link).

The contents of the stalls were just delightful ; old consoles still in relatively good nick, endless Master System, PS1, Xbox 360 (etc) titles in tidy stacks, Raving Rabbid plushies, you name it. Many of the stalls represented actual games shops, both from online stores and from physical shops located around the country. Aside from the aforemetioned Game Link you had the Retro Gaming Base (as pictured), who had a very nice selection of Sega Saturn titles (you can find them online here : )

The Retro Game Base stall

So in conclusion the London Gaming Con was a jolly fun day out. I bumped into plenty of people I knew from around the London gaming scene (including some big names), got a slew of StreetPass hits, and found there was always something to keep me entertained. Sure the London Gaming Con isn’t on the level of the Penny Arcade Expo. Yet. But it is the con’s first year, and given the team’s prior knowledge and ambition I wouldn’t be surprised if they had the likes of PAX watching their backs in a few years time. I’m definitely planning to return if a follow-up is announced.


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