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Lee Moore is one of the main organisers of the DS:London meetup group, as well as the host and organiser of the group’s Podcast. He also happens to be somewhat of an Apple fanboy. Lee has kindly agreed to do an interview for PlusXp, where he talks to HelenBaby about DS:London, 3DS games, plus his opinion on whats currently available on iOS…

The latest DS:London podcast happens to be an audio version of this very interview! To listen/download please visit :


The man himself



So for our readers who’ve never attended (or possibly even heard of) DS:London, could you please describe what it is and why they should attend?

DS:London is somewhat magical I think. Its about offline gaming in a pub, every 2 weeks in London. People come whether they want to play and get better, see how good they are, or even just to meet new people.

With the release of the 3DS we’ve got the sharing of Streetpass data now, and with lots of people coming in it’s a great opportunity to collect hits. The great thing is the more you come the higher level the Streetpass hits of regular DS:London-goers will become.

We are a really small team. There’s about 6 admins who help run the whole thing ; thats doing the podcast, looking after the Twitter feed, Facebook group, posting events, getting there on the day and making sure new people meet us all and make ourselves known to the newbies.

We don’t earn money, we don’t get given stuff by publishers, we don’t have an ulterior motive! All we want to do is just play games with as many people as possible.

The DS:London podcast is pretty popular from what I can tell. What are the listening figures like

I’m not going to tell you how many people listen to it *laughs*. I’m happy with it, lets put it that way. To be honest its not about the podcast itself, its getting people knowing about DS:London. So even if you’ve never been to the pub, you’ve never been to meet-ups or you’ve never heard of it before you can atleast hear us, and hopefully later put faces to voices.

You kind of know us before you even get there, which is my aim for the podcast.


DS:London logo

The podcasts seem quite structured. How long does it take you to prepare for them, and what does preparation consist of?

As soon as we finish one podcast I go on Facebook, create an event (for the recording of the next) and add all the DS:London admins to it, so that next time we do a podcast they all know when it is so can put it in their diaries. We usually record it at my house, where we get as many admins in as we can fit. We generally have a look about a week before to see what Nintendo news has happened during the month, or sometimes even outside of Nintendo like what was happening with GAME recently, if its relevant.

After we finish I take it into GarageBand and spend about 30-45 minutes editing it, doing things like creating chapters, so every time we talk about a new topic I make sure there’s a different picture and headline. If we’re talking about websites I make sure to include the urls, so that those users who’ve got a device that lets them click on a link to go visit a website can go and see what we’re talking about, rather than us just asking listeners to take our word for it.

After that I put it into Dropbox, and share that link publicly via Blogger, which I then have a thing called FeedBurner which takes that, turns it into an RSS feed, and tells me how many people are downloading it. Then I put the link out on other sites, such as iTunes, loads of other podcast networks, and, increasingly, Soundcloud.

What are your hopes (and/or ideas) for the DS:London group for 2012

Well we’re off to quite a good start. Our 5th meetup was on Saturday (reference to the 14/4/12 meet, as this was recorded 16/4/12) so we’re doing quite well…

I really just want consistency. I just want to make sure that there’s always a meet-up, there’s always people going, that we’re calling the pub to make sure that they know we’re coming even though they can’t reserve us a space. Aside from that just making sure that everyone knows everyone at DS:London and that we’re there.

Ofcourse we’ve got some special events coming up, such as AnimeLeague. Previously we did Bomberman and Tetris tournaments at these cons, and those are cool, and we will to do more of them, but I feel like the general direction of DS:London’s presence there should be to provide a chill-out zone. I feel like we should get some sofas, get a screen showing off what we’re playing, and just chill. We’ll just be like “Sorry, did you just loose the Brawl tournament? Come here, take your feet off. Relax and play some Mario Kart… check out your Streetpasses”. I feel like we should all be in Hawaiian T-shirts or something.

Unreleased 3DS game you’re most anticipating

Long term I’m a big, big Smash Brothers fan so the Smash Bros eventually coming to 3DS is something I’ll definitely be getting. Aside from that you’ve got Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright which, again, sounds amazing. Phoenix Wright 6 was also announced, so looking forward to see how that goes. Then we’ve got a new Professor Layton game on its way, as well as… and this is going to be a dirty pleasure… but Animal Crossing! Imagine the Streetpass opportunities… Once again, it would provide a brilliant reason to come to DS:London!


Lee's looking forward to the 3DS Animal Crossing



What would you say are your top 5 iOS games

1) Infinity Blade because it really showed that there’s so much you can do with the iOS devices. The way they play, the way you interact with your environment is incredible… The best thing is, unlike a lot of iOS games, it actually knows that its a touchscreen, which works best I feel.

2) Draw Something, which you can get on Android as well, is completely free of charge with ads, or you can upgrade to remove these. Its basically Pictionary, it has Push notifications, its the simplest game and it works perfectly. You download it, tell your friends, draw pictures, sometimes you’ll scream because you don’t understand what the picture is. But its just a really clever, short simple idea.

3) Jetpack Joyride, which is also on Android. Its one button. You control a Jetpack, and you can go up and down and avoid obstacles. Charming, good graphics, really replayable, great basic structure, doesn’t nickle and dime you but you can pay to go forward, its just a really good game.

(To see the PlusXp coverage on this title click here )

4) Game Dev Story, an RPG which also involves sim management. If someone likes games they’ll really like this. Its full of these funny little rip-offs and motifs, like Infendo and Saga! Its also really addictive. The second you finish your game you’re like “lets make another one!”, 20 minutes later ; “lets make another one”

5) The Heist. You’re trying to break into a vault, there’s loads of little block puzzles and very simple touch-screen based mind puzzles, similar to what you’d find in Professor Layton or something like that. The best thing about it is how it breaks the fourth wall ; at certain points when you’re unlocking the safe you’ll get a call from someone, which you answer and talk to this person, and they’ll tell you about what your next objective is or how you’re doing, all that kind of stuff. Its really clever.


L-R : Infinity Blade, Draw Something, Jetpack Joyride, Game Dev Story, The Heist

What direction would you like to see iOS games going in?

There shouldn’t just be one direction. You should have every genre, every gaming make.

Another thing is, I just want developers to remember that the iPhone and iPad are touchscreens. I don’t like software buttons, any kind of software keyboard drives me crazy. Games like Fruit Ninja and Infinity Blade don’t have buttons, you actually interact with them, and thats what works best. Another thing I’d like to see more often aswell is developers realising that iPhone users are holding a mobile phone and that some really cool things could be done with that.



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