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About two months ago I finally upgraded my battered and beaten Nokia for a shiny new iPhone. Since my upgrade I have been searching the App store for the perfect game to pass away the time between TV ad breaks or waiting for the pizza delivery guy to arrive. I downloaded a good selection of games ranging from Angry birds to Bejewled, but surprisingly one lesser known game has had me glued to my iPhone for some time now.  My dreams of hijacking a jetpack from a science lab have now come true with Jetpack Joyride.

Jetpack Joyride is an iOS game from the developers that brought you Fruit Ninja, Halfbrick Studios. You control Barry, a guy who thinks it would be an awesome idea to break into a science lab and steal a jetpack. The aim of the game is to get as far as you can with the jetpack whilst dodging rockets, laser beams and Zappers during your heist. You could liken the gameplay style to titles such as Robot Unicorn Attack or Jail Breaker, but Jetpack Joyride brings so much more in regards to gameplay objectives and overall replay value.

Throughout his journey Barry will come across two varieties of floating coins which he can collect. The first type of coin is your conventional gold coin that Barry can save to buy new jetpacks or give himself a new look through unlockables. The second type of coin is called a spin coin. Once you have been defeated by the various obstacles the game throws at you, you can use spin coins in a mini roulette game which can give you power ups for your next run or more coins to spend on upgrades. The coin system adds to the replay value of the game as it gives you the urge to save up as much as you can in order to create your idea jetpack joyrider.

Recently I have been trying to collect as many coins as I can so that I can finally fly around as Robot Barry using a snow machine jetpack. The great thing about this game is that there a tonne of different unlockables for your to spend your hard earned coins on. I am currently flying through the corridors of the science lab as a zombie sporting a jetpack that spits out rainbows. There is an abundance of customisable items to unlock to make your character unique.

There are a variety of vehicles which will aid Barry on his journey. These vehicles can be acquired by simply collecting a rainbow coloured box which once collected this will give you a randomised vehicle. These randomised vehicles include a motorcycle (aka the Bad Ass Hog) a Mech called the Lil Stomper and a robotic dragon named Mr Cuddles and that is just to name a few. The vehicles are a welcome addition to the game as each gives its own new gameplay style. Some vehicles you’ll love, others not so much, but that is the beauty of randomised vehicles. You can also use your coin stash to power up these vehicles. Whether you want your magnetise your Lil Stomper so it can collect more coins, or gold plate your Bad Ass Hog to make it look, well, more bad ass the options are there for you. Sadly there aren’t any more vehicle customisations options other than the two I have mentioned, but you can’t have everything.

As if stealing a jetpack from a science lab wasn’t enough, you will be given mini-missions to complete throughout your jetpack thieving escapades. Once these missions are completed they will unlock stars which will contribute to Barry’s level. Once each level is filled with stars Barry will level up and this in turn will give him a nice batch of coins which you can use to customise and upgrade Barry and his vehicles. There are only 15 levels Barry can achieve in the game, but thankfully you can start again from the first level which will add to your overall career technically making the game endless. This is good if you want to unlock everything, but bad if you are one of those gamers who likes games to have a definite end.

It may have jetpacks, mechs and even a robotic dragon but by far the best thing about this game is the fact that it won’t cost you anything to download. That’s right, for now at least it is free. So what are you waiting for, grab your iPhone and download Jetpack Joyride today.


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