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Dear Pokéwalker,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…. seems only fair given the amount of steps you’ve counted for me along the way. 3600000 so far… which, I do not hasten to add, amounts to a hefty 1700 miles. And I honestly wouldn’t have done it without you dear, you’ve taken something so mundane as walking and turned it into something fun and rewarding, an everyday chore into a means of obtaining objectives that actually have real value to me in my little Pokémaniac mind. You’ve had me, a habitual fatty and self-confessed lazy basement dweller, to actually opt for the long route home from work many times, seeing as it now meant picking up juicy, juicy Watts.


Garvaos love Pokéwalker


But it isn’t just Watts you’ve given me over the years. Remember when we ventured down the Yellow Road and caught not just Surfing, but also Flying Pikachu? I never would have thought prior I would ever have the chance to get to grips with either of those bad-boys, and now they’re rarely out of my party when I play the actual game. Even if it is in capacity of HM slaves. But hey, I still love them Pokéwalker!


Sidona love Pokéwalker


Yes you’ve bestowed my item box and Pokédex with a veritable plethora of items and Pokémon during our times together. Sure a lot of it has been fodder (I don’t really need 22 Noctowls!) but shoot… at least there was every chance that any one of them could have been a shiny! The same odds as in the main game if internet sources are to be believed (that’s one in 8192 to those of you who don’t know). And you can’t even tell if you’ve managed to bag one until you transfer your haul back to your DS, which adds excitement to the transfer back process. In the end I never did manage to bag one… but thank you for giving me hope, Nintendo!


GuitarGirl love Pokéwalker


Much is said nowadays about the 3DS’ pedometer rewards system being superior to your’s. Poppycock I say! The 3DS will only reward you for the first 1000 steps you take in a day. For me that’s the equivalent of walking to the local shop. Not much of an incentive to push yourself physically really. Then we have the issue of battery life. The 3DS’ battery, on standby, lasts about a day. If you plan to use it on a daily basis this will mean plenty of charging and hassle. Lame! You’re not needy like that dear, the 3V CR2032 you came with lasted for months. Heck I’ve only needed to replace it once so far (and I still use you every day).


HelenBaby love Pokéwalker


Games have come with some pretty cool accessories over the years. The Wii Zapper that came with Link’s Crossbow Training was a really fun addition, the 3D controller that came with Nights into Dreams : arguably essential. But the team that brought us Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver really broke the mould when they decided to bundle these titles along with you. You are, in my opinion, the best video game accessory ever.

Lots of Love



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