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During the recent Rezzed games expo I was able to get some hands on time with Alien’s Colonial Marines, published by SEGA and developed by Gearbox software. I was keen to sink my teeth into this game as it is set after my favourite of the Alien movies, the 1986 epic Aliens.

At the show the game was set out in a 4 Vs 4 team death match. Rezzed goes were ushered into the Marines team whilst a team of 4 SEGA guys played as the Aliens. As soon as I picked up the game pad I immediately felt as though I was thrown into an Aliens movie.  Even from the short time I spent with the game it is clear to see that Gearbox have managed to really nail down the atmosphere from James’ Cameron’s epic.  

Once the game had loaded and we had chosen our weapons from the load out screen, my team mates and I were thrown into the iconic gothic alien planet recognisable from the movie to fend for ourselves. Now when I play an FPS game I have a nasty habit of running off by myself and shooting anything that moves. With this game I learnt very quickly that this was a bad idea as, every time I ran ahead I was ruthlessly devoured by a pack of Aliens.

After learning the hard way that team work was essential in this game, I started to get the hang of the weapon arsenal.  Like most FPS gamers who play COD or Halo are used to, you carry 2 weapons at a time and each time you respawn you get to choose which weapons you respawn with.  Whether you favour being up close and personal with a shot gun, or you like to pick off Xenomorphs from a far with a scoped weapon there will be a weapon choice here for you. Every kill you get in game gives you experience points which go towards more weapon unlocks for your load out screen. I also noticed that there are mini in game goals which are set out for each player. If you complete these goals you get more XP points which you can then trade in for weapons.

Even though I didn’t get any play time as the Aliens we were still able to observe the SEGA guys ripping unsuspecting Colonial Marines a new one. Much like the Aliens Vs Predator game the Xenomorph can climb up walls, craw across ceilings and jump great distances. This time around the Aliens are played from a 3rd person view as opposed to first person view. This not only makes controlling the Aliens a lot less disorientating than in the Aliens vs Predator game but it also showcases how much Effort Gearbox have put into the Xenomorphs movement.  The Xenomorphs can use their tales as well as their claws to attack. They also have some epic execution attacks which will make any gamer wince in pain as they see their character getting impaled by a Xenomorph tail.

Surprisingly it won’t be just Xenomorphs you will be up against in this game. Near the end of the match our team of Marines were bowled over by what could only be described as a mix between a raging bull and a Xenomorphs. This makes me wonder what other surprises Gearbox have up their sleeves for this game. Will we see a lot more varied alien types much like Gears Of War did with their multiplayer modes? I guess we will have to wait and find out.

I really enjoyed my hands on time with Aliens Colonial Marines. I think that this would be a great game to play with a bunch of mates online or even at a LAN party. I am looking forward to seeing what the single player campaign has to offer and what other surprises Gearbox and SEGA have in store for this game.

Aliens Colonial Marines is due for release in February 2013

PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Developed  by GearBox software

Published by SEGA



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Garvaos On July - 11 - 2012

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  1. i hope the facehugger is still a killstreak and can you get attachments for the pulse rifle, i love this game i am a huge aliens fan you are doing a good job with this game cant wait to play it

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