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A few months ago I posted a short piece about the latest upcoming release from Gearbox, Borderlands 2. During my time at the Rezzed Expo I had the chance to get some hands on time with this game, and I also had the fantastic opportunity of interviewing a representative of 2K, who are the Publishers of Borderlands 2. The 2k interview will be posted at a later date, but until then let me tell you a bit about the game.

The game is still based on Pandora (No, still no connection to Avatar) but unlike the first Borderlands game this is set some years after the original events. You are still in the same world but there is a lot that has changed, for example the demo I played took place in the Hyprion City and not in the barren wasteland familiar from the first game. Hyprion city is one of the cities controlled by Handsome Jack, and in this mission your task was to destroy statues of him.

At the beginning of this four player multi player game I was able to choose who I wanted to be out of a selection of new characters. Just to get a feel for the game I chose Axton the Commando, mainly as he seemed to be the most rounded of the four. I also started the game with 20 points for me to add into the new skill tree and customize my character and kit. I did my usual which is increase the hit power, before also giving my turret healing capabilities. Whilst doing this I noticed that the skill tree has changed dramatically. Moving on from the first game I now had options that would turn my Commando into a completely different class of fighter. This more advanced customization put a huge smile on my face.

Playing the game I noticed that they had kept the controls more or less the same, giving it a familiar feel when you picked up the controller. As demanded by one of our best friends in the Borderlands world a Claptrap I started to shoot the statues, only to find that my weapons were not able to destroy them and that I must now enlist the help of a construct robot. This something that appears brand new for missions in Borderlands, as in the past you had to do most things in missions by yourself. In this way Gearbox have added in a new element to the gameplay as you now required to find help to complete specific missions. Your weapons are just not enough any more to get the job done anymore, you now need to get help. I for one think that this will add something to the gameplay that the previous title was missing.

Now onto the good stuff, the guns. I was pleased to see that they have really done something impressive with the new weapons. The guns felt more powerful than they did in the first game giving the impression that the weapons were now not something to be messed around with. The firing power of the new guns are just amazing, and not only that you can really tell which weapons are supposed to come from which company. I was so knocked back by the new weaponry that I played the demo again just to have a look at the other weapons available. I was again left completely speechless by the amazing detail in the new guns, and this time also noticed how steady the scope was when zooming in to a target.

When moving around the new and improved Pandora I couldn’t help but notice the graphics are still the same, rustic yet amazing. Overall the game makes you feel like you are there on Pandora, and if you are unlucky enough to die the New-U Station will bring you back to life and back into this world. Gearbox have even redesigned the graphics and look of the New-U Stations, which to me shows that they are really committed to improving and remodeling the game world on every level possible.

I was expecting something impressive from Gearbox, but I had no idea that they would turn an amazing game like Borderlands and re-make it so successfully into a familiar but completely new and original release. The game has the same overall feel as the original giving me the same connection to the game as I did the first time, whilst also to me feeling very new and original.

I really enjoyed my short time with this game, and I am really looking forward to getting a copy so that I can see just how good the full version proves to be.

-Random Man 5000

Due to be released on the 21st September 2012

Developed by Gearbox and Published by 2K games

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