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Today we see the launch of Carmageddon Funsize. Funsize brings the much loved retro classic Carmageddon to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and to celebrate the return of this, bumper bashing, pedestrian squashing, cow crushing carnage we bring you our interview with Patrick Buckland the CEO and Co-Founder of Stainless games.

Join us now as we take a look at Carmageddon Funsize and find out what we can expect from the future mayhem that will be Carmageddon Reincarnation.

Note: Sorry once again for the dark video. This year we have tried to film as many of our interviews as possible in well lit areas, however due to the nature of the expo environment this is sometimes not possible. To compensate for the lack of illumination I have cut in lots of extra footage of the game itself, and anyway, what kind of person would rather see people talking in place of this awesome car carnage? Nope, not me!

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