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Anyone who attended the Eurogamer Expo this year would have found it hard to miss the massive presence Halo 4 had. As well as a developer session hosted by Frank O’Connor the franchise director over at 343 Industries, there was also the chance to get your hands on some multi-player action with the game on the show floor. Even Master Chief himself was roaming the show floor and much to our surprise the game was so popular that even he had to queue up to play. If you weren’t able to attend the expo this year then don’t fear, as here is a rundown of all things Halo 4 at the Eurogamer Expo 2012.

Infection mode hands on

On the show floor gamers got to play Halo 4’s various multi-player modes. I had some hands on time with Infection mode, which is a re-imaging of the Zombie mode from Halo 3. For those of you who are unaware, the idea behind Zombie mode is to be the last Spartan standing and avoid being killed by players who have been ‘infected’. Once you are infected you have to join the zombie hoard and kill all of the Spartans left standing. Naturally the winner is the last Spartan to be devoured by the zombie infestation.

Halo 4 takes the ideas behind Zombie mode and re-imagines them slightly. Instead of just simply turning your Spartan armour into a dark shade of navy blue and arming you with an energy sword, this time once you are infected you will turn into the flood. The flood of course will be familiar to fans of the Halo series as they are the zombie hoard that was first introduced in the very first Halo’s campaign mode. It’s really good to see that 343 Industries have not completely forgotten about the flood as they have always been quite a fundamental part in the Halo universe.

The game play in Infection mode is pretty much what you would expect. Once infected players can’t use guns and instead they can only use their right arm which has the same melee properties as an energy sword. This means that this mode plays pretty much just like the original zombie mode.

Both the Flood and the Spartans can choose one of three armour abilities from the load out screen when the game starts up. During this demo the abilities I could choose from were Active Camouflage, Evade and Promethean Vision.  Evade and Promethean Vision are two new additions to Halo 4. Evade gives the player a three second burst of speed in order to dodge rockets or in this case to evade oncoming flood attack. I also found that in this mode this new ability can also be quite handy to add that extra oomph to a energy sword attack. Promethean Vision is my new favourite armour ability however, as it enables you to pin point exactly where your enemies are. In this mode you are able to see through walls and all of your enemies are highlighted in red. This is the perfect armour ability if you are trying to scout out your next kill and really helps you survive in infection mode.

Promethean Vision

343 Industries have really done a good job when it comes to the multi-player mode. I never found myself thinking that this wasn’t a Halo game. The new developers have captured the atmosphere perfectly from previous games and yet have managed to bring an element of newness that revitalises the Halo multi-player experience.

In my opinion 343 Industries have really done a good job with multi-player mode. Even though I only had a short time with Infection mode I am now even more confident that Halo 4 will not disappoint.

The Developer session:
The Halo developer session was hosted by Frank O’Connor.  Here we were given some key information on what we can expect from Halo 4’s campaign mode and a micro glimpse into some of Halo 4’s story.

The developer session also included a 10 minuet demo of the 3rd mission in campaign mode. This was a fantastic insight into what the campaign mode has to offer. It shows off some of the Promethean weaponry and enemies, as well as giving us a great insight into how 343 industries have tackled the Halo universe after Bungie passed them the Halo torch.

We were also shown a teaser trailer for the live action mini-web series Forward Unto Dawn, which is an origin story telling how the Covenant and human war began. It is good to see another live action Halo project besides the occasional live action game trailer.

After the Master Chief had made a short guest appearance on stage with the new limited edition Halo 4 Xbox 360, the floor was open to Q&A. Just in case you don’t feel like watching the Dev session yourself (see link below) here is one question that really stood out to me as it uncovers a pivotal point in the Halo 4 universe explaining why the Covenant have found themselves fighting the Prometheans.

“Why are the Covenant on this Forunner planet and how they are involved in Halo 4?”

Frank explained that the Prometheans are objecting to the covenants presence on their home planet of Requiem. Much like human civilisation the covenant is split into factions and societies. The covenant that appear on Requiem are a particular faction that are highly religions and still believe in the Forunner myths  you will learn more about in the game.

The Halo 4 Developer session has really got me excited about the campaign mode in Halo 4. I cannot wait for the games release next month. If you would like to see the developer session in its entirety then click here.

After my hands on time with the multi-player and attending the developer session I can say that Halo 4 is going to be a game of epic proportions. It is definitely going to be a day one purchase for me.

Halo 4 will be released on the 6th of November exclusively for Xbox 360.



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