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After playing Rayman Legends at the Eurogamer Expo this year. I was ready for more gaming goodness from Nintendo. So explored the Nintendo Wii U stand and found Pikmin 3. The game was had the classic Pikmin style as you control Captain Ollymarr as he comes out of his spaceship to find big pieces of fruit everywhere. Using the Wii Mote and nun-chuck you move about finding your little Pikmin scattered about. You call them using your B button and round them up. Then you point them in the right direction using the remote and pressing Z to chuck them at what it is you want them to pick up or take down.

A new feature in this new installment is that you have different species of Pikmin to aide you in your quest. One type of Pikmin new to the game are the ROCKMIN. You use them you to knock down glass and crystals, as they are more hard ass than your normal friendly neighborhood Pikmin they can also build bridges for you. You can also chuck them to do more damage to your enemies. Pikmin 3 also introduces a new species of Pikmin call the MAGENTA PICKMIN! These little guys can fly about and are smaller than the red picmin. I did not get to play with them as they were not on the demo I played but was told you can use them also to help you as well.

The game play was a bit tricky as it took me a while to get the hang of the controls but once you get your head round the controls you can play the game without giving the controls a second thought.

In Pikmin 3 you can separate your species of Pikmin by shaking the nun-chuck. Once this is done your little alien creatures move into their own groups and you can send either your Rockmin or your red Pikmin to do specific jobs and if you want them back in one group to fight just press Z and there be ready to go.

Unfortunately there was no option to use the new game pad so it sat on the stand looking all pretty showing off the Pikmin 3 logo.  Nintendo did tell me that when Pikmin 3 comes out you will be able to use the game pad to play the game.
The graphics were colourful and cute something we are very used to seeing from Nintendo and the game played very fluently.
All in all Nintendo have played it safe with this game not changing much from the Pikmin franchise. So pick up a copy and let Pikmin 3 absorb your day.


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