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Today we are taking a look at the latest portable puzzle game to find its way into the PlusXP inbox, Guide the Light. Guide the Light follows the story of Captain Blake, a pint sized explorer who looks a little bit like the resulting love child of a rendezvous between Indiana Jones and a potato. We join Blake as he sets out on a mission to explore the ancient pyramids in search of fame, fortune and jewels. The aim of the game is to solve the light puzzles to open the doors between the chambers and find the hidden treasures.

Now this is first and foremost a puzzle game. The light puzzles themselves seem simple at first but soon become much more complex. The basic idea is to use movable mirrored blocks to reflect beams of light and guide them towards the switches to open the doors. Certain switches require a certain color of light to work and many of the rooms require multiple switches to be activated before the door will open. Once the puzzle has been solved and the door is opened, Captain Blake will be able to continue on to the next room collecting a pile of jewels on his way. Sounds simple, well, not quite.

To keep the puzzles challenging, as you progress through the levels new types of blocks and mirrors are added in. Some of these blocks affect the beams of light directly by changing the color of the light, whereas other two sided mirrors will allow you to reflect the light from both sides. The scenery also plays a part in the puzzle solving as certain rooms contain sections of wall which only one color of light can pass through, as well as fixed blocks which must be negotiated to solve the puzzle.

As expected the difficulty of the puzzles increases quite dramatically as the levels progress, and soon they become quite challenging. In the later levels it was easy to be a bit overwhelmed by the array of mirrors and lights you needed to negotiate, however often just experimenting with the mirrors at random helped to give a clues about how to solve the puzzle. Though a lot of the puzzles can be solved using trial, error and persistence, if you get really stuck the game does have a hint mode to help you. Tapping the question mark in the corner of the screen allows you to activate your ‘Vision Crystal’ which though takes time to recharge after use, will guide you through the puzzle and get you out of any tough spots.

Though the puzzles themselves are quite enjoyable the only thing that I feel that this game is lacking is a more engaging scoring system. The levels are simply based on a pass or fail system and I felt that the game could perhaps have benefited from the inclusion of a way to score players in more depth. One way to do this could have been to score the levels based on the time taken, or the number of moves made to solve each puzzle. This would not only have added to the replay value of each level, but also enabled friendly competition between players. Aside from this Guide the light is very much a relaxed, single player puzzle game.

Overall Guide the Light is an enjoyable puzzle game. The puzzles themselves are visually pleasing with a good level of difficulty, and there are many different types of mirrors and blocks to contend with. With no speed element the levels can be completed at your own pace, and with 50 levels to explore so far there are plenty of unique puzzles to explore.


- A nice concept

- Puzzles are challenging and varied

- You can complete puzzles in your own time


- The scoring system is quite simple

- The game would benefit from some add in level packs (perhaps these will come soon)


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Guide the Light is available now from the iTunes app store


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