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As of today I am stepping down as a full Staff Writer on PlusXP, and going back to being a Contributor. I’ve had a brilliant year and a half since Garvaos and GuitarGirl kindly asked me to join staff, attending heaps of events, meeting brilliant people and, best of all, writing about tonnes of games. Events I’ve covered for the site included, but were not limited to, Eurogamer, Rezzed, the London Gaming Con and the BAFTA Gamesblog Indie Social. People I’ve been fortunate enough to meet have included Eurogamer’s own Community Manager Tom Champion, internet legend Brentalfloss and the Guardian’s rather sexy Keith Stuart, to name but a few.


PlusXP up in force at the Eurogamer Expo, who just so happen to be one of the site’s affliates

Thank you to everyone I’ve interviewed while on staff :

  • Ziggy of CAMCON fame
  • Gavvie of RadioSega
  • DS:London’s Lee Moore
  • Emerald Coast’s Phil Sims
  • Tadhg Kelly
  • David Bowman, Lead Designer for Warmage
  • The Nintendisco lads
  • Simeon Paskell
  • Nintendolife’s Gaz Plant
  • LudoCraft’s Tony Manninen and Olli Mäntylä

as well as everyone who’s supported me with praise, constructive criticism and, most important, just by reading my articles.

The PlusXP team in Brighton this summer to check out the Rezzed Expo

The bulk of my attention will now shift from the mighty PlusXP to a new 3DS news site I’m working on. In many ways it won’t be dissimilar to PlusXP. I’d advise those of you who have enjoyed the content I’ve produced for here will keep an eye out for it.

Like I said, however, I will still be floating around PlusXP as a contributor. I love this place too much to just leave completely! So do expect more articles from me here in the future, just with less frequency.

I want to thank the remaining staff members for being great colleagues. Rob Bunce (Garvaos), Felicity Hill (GuitarGirl), James Archer (Leon), Ed C.B (That Bloke In The Beanie), William Godfrey (RandomMan5000) and, last but not least, Andy Highton ; I know you will all continue to fly the PlusXP flag with the pride and vigour it deserves, and I wish you every success.

I flew the PlusXP flag whenever I could! Here’s me representin’ up in the London Gaming Con. L-R : Garvaos, GuitarGirl, SegaDriven’s SonicYoda and me


Til next time…


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