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It would be safe to say that we are slightly looking foward to upcoming DC fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us. After the success of Netherrealm Studios’ masterpiece that is Mortal Kombat (9) - and their realising that it’s best to keep the Mortal Kombat and DC worlds separate - it looks like we could be seeing one of the best superhero mash-ups to date.

While fan favourites Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern are all exciting – it’s always unlikely that everyone’s favourite character is going to make the cut in a game like this. Still – we can always dream, and in our perfect scenario, these are the characters we’d most love to see join the all-star cast of DC warriors.

Red Hood (& The Outlaws)

Bio: I never used to like Robin when it came to the world of Batman – preferring Bruce as a solo vigilante, without any kids tagging along. However, as I’ve gotten into DC’s New 52 comic series, I’ve started to realise that the Bat’s underlings have all come far in the world of comics, and become even more interesting to me than Bruce Wayne himself. First and foremost of these is Jason Todd, the Red Hood. With a vendetta against the Joker (his murderer), but also Batman – his mentor that failed to avenge him – the revived Jason Todd started a new life as an outlaw, alongside his bow-slinging partner Roy Harper – better known as Arsenal – and Tamaranean princess Koriand’r, AKA Starfire. His history could bring some interesting turns into Injustice’s story, already in the grey in terms of good and evil.

Suggested Type: Gadget

Play Style: With acrobatic abilities, a range of gadgets and an arsenal of weaponry, Red Hood would play like a no-holds-barred cross between Batman and Nightwing, with some added weaponry in the form of his dual pistols, dagger and more. While that alone would be enough to place Jason at the top of my wishlist – what would really excite me would be the idea of cameos from his partners-in-crime – perhaps performing a team-up cross attack for his ultimate special.
- Leon


Bio: Any Green Lantern fan out there will more than likely know who Sinestro is. As former member of the Green Lantern Corps and mentor to Hal Jordan, Sinestro managed to harness the power of fear and form his own Corps. Basically, Sinestro is one of the main bad guys of the Green Lantern universe and plays a massive part in both the Blackest Night saga and obviously the Sinestro Corps War. So why have Sinestro in the Injustice roster? Well considering he is constantly on a power trip and his ego is somewhat comparable to the size of the living planet Mogo, he would fit perfectly into any DC story line.

Suggested Type: Power

Play Style: If Netherrealm do decide to add Sinetsro to the roster, they could have a lot of fun with Sinestro’s power; it would basically be like Green Lanterns but scarier. If the comics are anything to go by, he could be able to summon all manner of frightening creatures to demolish his foes and for a final finisher, could summon his whole Corps to do his bidding. If they do add Sinestro – Netherrealm have the perfect opportunity to create an epic boss battle.

Mr Freeze

Bio: Does Victor Fries really require introducing? I’m not sure. But while my first encounter with Mr Freeze was the pretty terrible take by Schwarzenegger, his more recent appearances in Batman: Arkham City and DC’s New 52 have shown me what an intriguing character he can be. Transformed in a lab accident, trying to save the life of his beloved Nora, Victor turned his vengeance upon the world in the name of “love” – his life-supporting suit giving him an array of cold-based weapons and enhanced physical abilities. He has since become one of Batman’s more notorious villains.

Suggested Type: Power

Play Style: Considering Netherrealm Studios’ work with elemental characters in Mortal Kombat, Mr Freeze basically writes himself. He would of course incorporate a variety of suit-based gadgets, most notably his Freeze Gun – which I imagine would function similarly to Sub-Zero’s classic freeze ability – freezing opponents, or the floor to make them stumble. While his suit is technically a “gadget”, I believe he would fit the “power” type better, since his suit would grant him the superior strength in terms of working with the environment.

Poison Ivy

Bio: Maybe it’s the fact that Rocksteady did an awesome job in Arkham City – or maybe it’s because I have always had a soft spot for Poison Ivy – but the very idea of adding this femme fatale to the Injustice roster is nothing short of genius. I mean, a woman who has the power to control plants gives plenty of opportunity for a killer move set. That, and she is a pretty headstrong character, take Gotham City Sirens for example – Ivy managed to subdue the Riddler into a stupefied state at the click of a finger.

Suggested Type: Power

Play Style: So besides the whole stupefying her foes into a comatose state thing, the whole concept of summoning any type of plant to do her bidding pretty much writes the move-set itself. She could use vines to suspend her foes while she pummels the crap out of them, summon goliath trees to clobber any DC Universe character that comes close to her. Kind of a mixture between the whopping willow out of Harry Potter and Treebeard out of Lord of the Rings. The possibilities are endless.

Robin (Damian Wayne)

Bio: Remember how I said I used to hate Robin? Well, it looks like things have changed. While I used to imagine Burt Ward shouting “Holy Shamrocks, Batman!” or something equally terrible, I’ve actually had my mind changed about current Robin, Damian Wayne. When reading his crossover into the recent Night of the Owls event, I realised that despite his age, he is something much more mature than I expected. The son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al’Ghul, Damian was thrust into the world of warriors when his mother trained him as part of the League of Assassins, and eventually rejoined his father as the new Robin. While young, Damian is a calm and collected warrior in battle.

Suggested Type: Gadget

Play Style: With his katana and brass knuckles, Robin utilises fast martial arts attacks in rapid succession. Combined with his grappling hooks, he could be a very agile character to control around the fighting stage, and it would be interesting to see a smaller character in the mix – a younger character seeming a bit more viable when we’re not talking about a game incorporating the cast of adult-oriented Mortal Kombat. His katana would be enough to distinguish him from Nightwing, and I’d quite like to see him darting around the stage and using his speed as his greatest weapon.

Lex Luthor

Bio: Even though I am not the biggest Superman fan in the world, I still think Lex Luthor would make a great addition to the Injustice roster. After seeing his involvement in the Blackest Night saga I believe that Luthor has great potential. I kinda see him as a mixture between M.Bison and Iron Man – stomping round in his LexCorp custom made War Suit so he has the potential to deal a sizeable amount of damage.

Suggested Type: Gadget

Play Style: I’d imagine Lex to be more of a slow and powerful character who would deal a good amount of damage in only a few blows. His Warsuit gives him flight, super strength and as many Kryptonite generators as you can wave a stick at, all of which could play significantly into his fighting style. Overall though, I’d think he would play similarly to MK characters such as Cyrax and Sektor.


Bio: Basil Karlo was an actor in an old horror movie – and went mad when he later discovered that a remake of the film was being made, setting about going on a rampage after the new cast. However, he later tricked a pair of villains whom he worked alongside, stealing their powers to become the shape-shifting Clayface that is well-known today.

Suggested Type: Power or Both

Play Style: While Clayface isn’t a hugely interesting character to me in terms of backstory, his fighting game possibilities are huge. Now, there are two ways he could work in my eyes – first off, as Injustice’s “Shang Tsung”, a character able to transform into any other character at will, utilising their entire move-set for a short period of time. The other method, of course involves him being a malleable character, able to change his body into blades, wrecking balls and all other forms of weaponry – as well as shields and defensive forms as well. I’m tempted to say I’d prefer the latter – as it could introduce some rather insane attacks perhaps only rivalled by the constructs of the Green Lantern, and could have some very creative applications. Of course, a combination of the weapon-shifter and having the ability to transform into other characters would be the perfect way to represent Clayface, though it’s perhaps asking a little too much of his moveset. And his opponents!


Bio: Armed with a flight harness and a massive mace, Hawkman is more of a masked vigilante much like Batman, but with a big difference. For those of you who don’t know – by day, Hawkman is better know as Carter Hall. On the outside he looks like a harmless archaeologist and museum curator, but as it turns out, he is in fact the reincarnation of the Egyptian prince Khufu. So why does Hawkman appeal to me so much? Maybe it’s because his flight harness and mace are made of an ancient magical metal known as Nth Metal – which he can control with the power of his mind – or maybe it because he is a reincarnated Egyptian prince. All I know is, he will fit perfectly into the Injustice roster!

Suggested Type: Gadget

Play Style: I see Hawkman using flight to his advantage a lot which, coupled with his mace, could make for some pretty epic looking weapon and flight combos. Not only that but as you can imagine, this is not the first time Prince Khufu has been reincarnated. This means that Carter has memories of Khufu’s past incarnations – and the kills to go with them – so I can see Hawkman having multiple weapons, being proficient with battle axes, swords, maces spears and shields.


Bio: Essence was the daughter of Ducra, the leader of a group of immortal warrior monks called the All-Caste, and was romantically involved with Jason Todd when he was accepted into their ranks after their revival. She was there when the evil beings known as the Untitled reached into the waters of Absolute evil, and is now permanently connected to them – while the rest of her clan was wiped out. She now seeks the destruction of the Untitled.

Suggested Type: Unknown

Play Style: Essence has the ability to manipulate the dark energies that compose her being, giving her the power to fire projectiles, and also to teleport at will – shifting herself to allow things to pass through her. Since she is new to the DC universe, there’s a lot of flexibility in terms of her play style – which is why I’m unsure of whether she would be a power or gadget type – I think only the writers of DC could make this decision. Either way, I can imagine she’d have some pretty interesting moves, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of her in the comics, and hopefully games as well.

Parallax (Kyle Rayner)

Bio: If you haven’t seen the Green Lantern movie, or haven’t read anything about the Green Lantern – Parallax is a creature made of pure fear which has the power to possess any creature and use them for evil. Sounds pretty tame, but when you consider that the Guardians of Light had to imprison Parallax in the central Green Lantern Corps power battery on Oa, you do being to realise the true destructive power this demonic creature has. After possessing Hal Jordan for an extended period during the Sinestro Corps War, Parallax finds a new host in the Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. As we already have Jordan confirmed in the Injustice roster, I thought bringing the possessed Kyle Rayner into the roster would mix things up a bit.

Suggested Type: Power

Play Style: Imagine if Baraka or Mileena had position of a Sinestro Corps ring. Now times that by ten and you’re probably somewhere near how I think Parallax would play. He has the power to morph his host into various demonic forms, which could play well in regards to finishing moves and special moves. Remember that Parallax is the physical embodiment of Fear itself – so he does have the power to make your nightmares come true meaning that they could make Parallax unique to each character he is up against, but that may be too much coding…

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