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First Person Shooter games usually have one main objective, kill anything that’s stands in front of you before it kills you. This is a simple game mechanic that has served the first person genre well since the early nineties and Real Heroes Fire Fighter 3D takes this concept and makes it its own. Instead of shooting armed guards, zombies or aliens you are fighting one of nature’s biggest killers, Fire.

Originally released on the Wii back in 2009 Real Heroes Fire Fighter has been ported onto the 3DS, so you can now fight virtual fires and save civilians on the go. Much like the Wii game you jump into the soot stained boots of a rookie fire fighter as he trains up and evolves into a fully-fledged fireman. It’s a simple story, but as this is trying to take the more realistic gaming approach it works well. To play the game you use the touch screen and stylus to look and the circle pad to walk around and explore your surroundings. As a whole the game can be quite enjoyable on the 3DS console, but the controls take a while to get used to and can be a little un-responsive at times. The control layout is all well and good when you are running into a burning building, but when you are trying to fight fires things seem to be more of a challenge.

It has to be said though that the fire mechanics themselves are quite impressive, proving to be as unpredictable and realistic as a real fire would be. This means that you really do have to think about the best way to tackle the blaze. As the fire is so unpredictable you will also find yourself needing to go back to fires that you thought you had already extinguished. This repetition can be frustrating at first but once you have nailed the perfect tactic you’ll be subduing massive fires in no time.

Real Heroes Fire Fighter 3D gives you a full fire fighters arsenal to play with. You get to use everything from fire extinguishers to full on water cannons, giving you the chance to fight fires in a variety of ways. In some missions you also have the opportunity to use hydraulic claws to prize open vehicle doors and circular saws to cut through wooden doors adding realism to the experience. Each mission is bursting with fire fighting content and as there is so much per level, missions can be very long. The length of the missions means that if you fancy playing just to kill an hour or so you may not feel that you have achieved much, however the good news is that the game does checkpoint frequently so the progress you have made can be saved.

Compared to the original game released on the Wii back in 2009 the graphics have been brought down quite a bit. The fire effect doesn’t look as realistic and overall the game does seem a bit blocky compared to other 3DS games out of the market at the moment. In contrast the sounds in the game are very realistic. When you rush into a burning building you do feel like you are surrounded in flames and this does add to the sense of urgency of the missions and overall suspense. The game is well voice acted, and even though the script is a bit cheesy at times the voice talent of actors such as James Masters (Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and Jack McGee (Chief Jerry Riley from Rescue Me) gives you an all-star cast to listen too while you are battling the blazes.

Overall Real Heroes Fire Fighter 3D is a reasonable game. With its long missions and unpredictable fire mechanics you will come across some good challenge which should appeal to both gamers and wannabe Fireman Sam’s alike.


+ Good Fire Mechanics

+ Good variety of fire fighting equipment to use


-Controls can be in responsive

-Graphics aren’t up to 3DS standard

-Missions seem too long for a hand held.


 Published by Reef Entertainment

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