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While Devil May Cry 4 was lacking in unlockables compared to it’s predecessors, Capcom stuck to their guns with their decision that the game would get no DLC. I understood that the loss of the usual costumes more than likely was a price that had to be paid for having a new character and developing the game on a new console. While I was disappointed that there was no DLC to re-add the usual selection to the core game, I was at least safe in the knowledge that no content was cut purely for the sake of selling it extra as DLC.

But sadly, it seems that Devil May Cry has now fallen prey to the DLC craze – with the latest reveal (no more than a week after release) being that DmC Devil May Cry will be getting costume DLC on the 30th Jan – after the game itself fell short of containing any particularly inspiring alternate looks. It seems that lack of imagination wasn’t the reason though – rather the idea of making an extra bit of money after release. While there is indeed the Vergil’s Downfall DLC due next month, it seems a little fairer to pay for that since it’s a more efficient alternative to buying a second, special edition of the game later on (as was the case with DMC3:SE). There’s also the free update coming which will patch in a Bloody Palace mode – so no complaints there.


So what does this costume pack contain? Well, the biggest deal here is probably the “Classic” Dante skin, based on his appearance in Devil May Cry 3 – which I personally think looks rather good. But considering the amount of controversy over Dante’s rebooted design, would it have been such a loss to have included this as an unlockable as a gesture of goodwill to fans of the original series? If you want classic Dante, you’re going to have to shell out. No word on whether the costume will include a classic Devil Trigger transformation, but I would assume not - given the lack of any screenshots.


Also included in the pack are “Neo Dante” and “Dark Dante” costumes – now, I don’t have such an issue with these. Neo Dante appears to be a torn, bandaged style look with white hair – a nice, unique design that is very seperate from his default look, while Dark Dante appears to be inspired by DmC’s Vergil – sporting a black coat, and the white hair yet again. Again, no screens of Devil Trigger – so I would assume there’s no big changes there - but it would certainly make them that much better if so.


Strangely, although there have been pre-order bonus skins for 3 of Dante’s weapons (Arbiter, Osiris and Revenant), I’m surprised there are no skins for Rebellion to alter it’s appearance to match the costumes accordingly; classic Rebellion for classic Dante, Yamato for Dark Dante - but perhaps Capcom are trying to make Rebellion’s new look an icon for the new style of Devil May Cry.


Thankfully, the cost of the DLC pack is slated to be 320MSP, or $4 (presumably £3-4 in the UK) – so at least it’s not been as overpriced as it could have been. Still, I’m very much under the impression that these should have been unlockables within the game itself – DmC’s on-disc unlocks were very bland, and it seems a little early for paid DLC to me.

- Leon

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Leon On January - 21 - 2013

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  1. b says:

    These are the psn preorder skins. There is no alternate dt form. What you see is what you get. I preordered an have them all. they are NOT worth $4.

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