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A necromorph is not the most gregarious species to roam space, although I’m not sure there is anything to be honest…but you definitely wouldn’t want to upset one as you risk being eaten , having acid spat at you and being torn apart. Visceral Games created these disgusting super-creatures that could withstand a decent barrage of gun fire and still launch themselves at you.

Both Dead Space and its sequel centred on the concept of dismemberment to take down your mutated foes. It was more effective and beneficiary to your ammo supply to remove your enemies limbs instead of just blindly hammering their body with bullets. It was a more strategic and methodical way of engaging in close encounters with deadly enemies.

Isaac Clarke is the unfortunate engineer who was aboard the USG Ishimura when it was overrun by necromorphs initially and has had to battle his way through a monstrous amount of them (no pun intended). He’s overcome 2 brilliant games worth of them as they’ve gotten more evolved and obtained some guile with regards to hunting you down.


Dead Space was purely fuelled by survival-horror with its lightless corridors having screeching and various other terrifying noises reverberate around them. The game was motivated by scaring the gamer and creating an intense experience. This is one patron who certainly loved the thrills and spills of splicing and dicing to proceed and succeed.

The whole experience has pretty much been about Isaac Clarke and his slow mental detoriation as he continues to develop a severe case of psychosis based on emotionally scarring events; I can assure you they would break any man, woman or baby. The isolation of Isaac from other humans has been the joy of the games; you’d occasionally encounter some assistance in the form of 1 or 2 individuals, but briefly. For the most part it’s you against the terrible world and you’re pretty much stranded with yourself which is painfully comforting.

However I never felt Isaac needed companionship, yet Visceral are going to give us some. As has happened time and time again, a company has added some form of extra multi-player component to aid/create the experience. Dead Space 2 was slightly faulted for its shift towards action over horror a la Silent Hill. But this new direction throws a roundabout into the scenario and is already creating controversy. Competitive online has been removed (thank god!) and the new co-op shifts towards taking on the horror with a partner.


Based on market research, EA found that “We were hearing feedback that they love the thriller game, but it was pretty scary, and the obvious next step was that they wanted to play with someone. So we introduced co-op into the game.” So there you have it, people want to play a game that has been driven by single-player experiences with someone else. BOOOOOOO cry-babies! I apologise for that but at the same time I feel greatly aggrieved as my experience of the game will now suffer to some extent. But conversely I’ll have the pleasure of playing a game in a brilliant franchise with someone else who is competent and enjoys the game too for tandem teaming terror!

Regardless of your feelings towards Dead Space 3, Isaac Clarke will be partnered with new guy John Carver. Thankfullyhe won’t be a permanent addition if you opt to go solo style. Sgt. John carver is a uncaring individual who doesn’t give a damn about the mentally twisted Isaac. He’s a different proposition and can using him can access certain parts of the game that you can’t normally. The idea of co-op and whether it will enhance Dead Space’s qualities remains to be seen.

Tau Volantis is a frozen planet that possibly contains the manufacturing of the markers that Isaac, along with the returning Ellie from DS2, is trying to destroy to cease the Necromorph invasion. Lot’s of the game seems to be heavily action-based, despite the claims that Dead Space is sticking to its roots.


New gameplay features are introduced such as the new weapon benches where it allows you to combine 2 weapons together to create a new weapon. Somehow I doubt I’ll be abble to put together the plasma cutter and flamethrower for a power burst fire of flaming bullet but here’s hoping! Expanding on the 360 degree manoeuvrability addition of DS2, you can now roll to cover which is a neat little upgrade. There also new necromorphs to contend with PLUS the introduction of more human orientated enemies which is an interesting shift away from our typical monsters.

To be honest, I am looking forward to Dead Space 3 a lot, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the sries so far as its story has been useful and interesting, the series has seen character development and exciting additions. Dead Space 3 has gone up anoither notch to appeal to a bigger audience and 2 of that audience at a time. In the mean time, I’m gonna go hide as I think I saw a shadow in this dark corridor…

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