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Despite the popularity of the Tv series, none of the existing South park games have been greatly successful. Maybe it is because they have strayed away from the 2D feel of the original animation, or maybe it’s because gameplay wise they just generally haven’t been that great. One thing is clear though, overall they just haven’t quite hit the mark. Things may be set to change however as new South park game is in the horizon, South park: The Stick of Truth.

Warning: This article contains adult humour which some readers may find offensive.


So what makes the Stick of Truth so different from previous South park games? Well for a start this is a role playing game which is being developed by the team behind both Fallout New Vegas and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, Obsidian Entertainment. Not only that but Trey Parker and Matt Stone will be overlooking the project and have written both the script and storyline for this title. This is something they have never done in any of the previous South park games and sounds very hopeful. It has also been confirmed that the game will keep the classic 2D feel of the TV series which long time South park fans will be pleased to hear.

In this role playing adventure you play as the new kid at South park elementary who is trying to make their way up the social ladder. As you start in your simple quest however, the school breaks out into a city-wide live action role playing game. This role playing game soon turns nasty, leading to an epic battle between good and evil that could poetically consume the whole planet.


The Stick of Truth is a turn based RPG where you control a party of South park characters. In an interview with Game Informer Obsidian’s lead designer Matt MacLean said that the Stick of Truth takes a lot of its inspiration from the ever so popular RPG Final Fantasy VII, which makes the game sound even more appealing.

Like most RPG games the stick of truth will have a class system, with players able to pick from the following five classes:

Fighter – These guys are usually placed at the front of the team. They are big, strong characters who specialise in Melee attacks

Mage – Your typical spell casting character who use epic battle magic. Typically the weaker character but their damage is devastating.

Thief – A class which relies of agility and dexterity in the heat of battle.

Cleric – Typically the healers of the group cleric defend and replenish team mate’s health with spells

Jew – A class created by Eric Cartman as a “High Risk High Reward” class your attacks become more powerful as your health decreases. Another major setback is that Cartman says “Jews can’t be savours”


During E3 2012 it was confirmed that there will be 3 DLC packs released after the game hits home consoles. The first of these is titled “Mysterion Superhero” and will be released exclusively for Xbox 360. The DLC is a nod to the classic South park episode where Eric Cartman tries to become a superhero vigilante and fails. Xbox 360 owners will be able to use their Kinect devices, and the game will also feature voice commands and the opportunity to verbally berate Cartman, which is always fun.

Pre order bonuses  that have been confirmed include a Bulrog chicken attack, Cartman’s Kick-Ass sai weapons and his samurai costume. As for a release date, the game is set to be coming out in Spring  2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.




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