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Last week publisher THQ sadly went into bankruptcy and as a result we saw auction of the publishers most loved franchises. Other game companies such as Ubisoft and SEGA now own the rights to games such as Company of Heroes 2, Metro: Last Light and South Park: The Stick of Truth. Unfortunately though not all of the franchises were sold , meaning that some of THQ’ games now are at risk of being shut down altogether. One of the franchises yet to find a buyer is the fantasy third person action game Darksiders.

As the Darksiders wasn’t picked up by anyone at the THQ auction, the future of the franchise was starting to look bleak. A day or so after the auction however, Platinum games reached out to THQ staff over Twitter stating that they would be interested in buying the Darksiders franchise ‘for cheap’. Could Platinum games be the saviour that Darksiders has been looking for? If so then here are 5 things that I think Platinum could bring to the Darksiders series.
1. Combat


Platinum games are infamous when it comes to hack and slash gameplay.  Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising, Anarchy Reigns and MadWorld all have great combat systems. Don’t get me wrong, Darksiders has a great combat system as well, but just imagine how much more variety it could have if Platinum games were to get their hands on it. If Bayonetta is anything to go by, some of the bigger glitzier looking moves could be made to look amazing as well.

2. Great visuals

One thing that I loved in both Bayonetta and the Metal Gear Rising demo is the graphics. Both games look stunning, and having some of those graphics implemented into Darksiders would make the game appealing to more gamers. Even though I like the look of Darksiders, I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Maybe the platinum touch could give the franchise a slicker image.

3. Vast levels and open worlds


If Anarchy Reigns and Bayonetta are anything to go by then Platinum games could potentially bring some great open worlds and level design to Darksiders. Some of the levels in Bayonetta were brilliantly designed, especially when it came to boss battles. Anarchy Reigns also showed that Platinum aren’t afraid of stepping out into open world game play, which plays a massive part in Darksiders II. I would personally look forward to seeing what Platinum games could come up with if they were to get their hands on the world of Darksiders.

4. Unlockables


If platinum games knows how to do one thing right, its game unlockable content. In my opinion too many games now rely too heavily on DLC and don’t have enough unlockables already included within the main game. Unlike many recent titles, Anarchy Reigns and Bayonetta had a decent amount of unlockable costumes and characters. The Darksiders franchise could really benefit from this level of detail as even though it is more of an RPG based game there is a lot of potential within the theme for creative unlockable items and characters.


Platinum games also have experience creating Multiplayer modes within their games, which they could bring to the Darksiders series. Even though Darksiders works well as a single player game, it would be interesting to see how the franchise would work with a co-op mode or even some sort of MMO game play. THQ were teasing that Darksiders III was going to have four player co-op mode, so if Platinum do take Darksiders their experience could take this Multiplayer to the next level.

In my opinion Platinum games taking on the Darksiders franchise would be a great idea. Platinum’s take on hack and slash game play, mixed with the RPG elements that Darksiders already has could poetically make a fantastic game. Let’s hope that this isn’t just rumour and that there is an official announcement sometime soon.

Stay tuned to Plus XP for more news of the future of Darksiders.


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