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Following the success of the original Temple Run game, Temple Run 2 now holds a steady place in the top free app chart. Keeping loyal to the ‘Steal stuff and run away from the monsters’ theme, Temple Run 2 comes to us with better graphics, smoother gameplay, the ability to regenerate and some Indiana Jones style mine cart riding thrown in. This reaction testing, free running, mad mine cart driving dash for freedom has me well and truly hooked, and once again I come to you to share the fruits of my addiction.

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1: Jump Around!

Temple Run is in its essence a simple game, you run, you swerve, you duck, you jump and you die. As there are so few controls it pays to make the most of the actions you have, and in this game there is more to the humble jump than meets the eye.

Ever tried to jump around a corner and turn in mid air? Of course you haven’t its impossible, but not in the world of Temple Run. In this world if you accidentally jump into the path of a corner it is still possible to rotate your character in mid air and survive a mistake which in the real world would have resulted in a horrible death. Similarly when approaching one of those tricky narrow areas of track, jumping high into the air on approach gives you much more time to decide if your character should veer left or right. This is a principle which can also be applied to sections of track with too many ruins to successfully swerve.

Overall if you treat the game as if it’s the scenery that is moving and not the character (a bit like the spaceship in Futurama) the world of the impossible jump will not fail you.

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2 : Diamonds are forever

Saving up your diamonds is not cheating. Ok, so there is something to be said for the satisfaction gained from a flawless run, but if you are looking for the really high scores hoarding your precious gems is a must.

Diamonds can appear at any place in your run, are used for character regeneration, and frustratingly can only be used once your current run has ended. As you cannot use your diamonds immediately if you are planning a high score attempt it may be worth putting in a few shorter runs beforehand just to collect diamonds and level up. This way when it comes to your big run you are less likely to get so far, only to fall off a cliff and be disappointed. The number of diamonds needed to save you does increase with every regeneration, but make use of the Save Me upgrade in the abilities menu and drastically bring down the price of a second chance.

It is also worth noting that if you have leveled up you coin value multipliers, the further you run the higher your gold score will climb. This means that if you are saving up for something more expensive from the abilities menu it may be worth sacrificing a diamond every now and again just to keep the gold rush going.

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3: I’ve got the power

In this game it pays to get to know your Power-ups. Many of the Power-ups work best when used either in combinations or when saved for the times when certain death is upon you. Personally I find that the most valuable Power-up by far is the boost. At a glance it seems like the boost simply extends the distance of your run, but it can be used for so much more than this. If you are planning a long run the boost has the great advantage of being able to navigate you through parts of the track, which would otherwise be near impossible. Ever come across one of those sections where two obstacles are too close together to jump between but too far apart to jump as one? Saving your boost for times such as these may just save you a precious diamond or two. Equally if you have a problem with the mine cart sections in the track, timing your boost well may help you to escape death in those pesky narrow tunnels.

Then there is combinations. Combinations are as much about what you don’t combine as about what you do. For example, there is absolutely no point in getting over excited with the tapping and using the shield Power-up in the middle of a speed boost. By doing this you will waste your Power-meter and achieve nothing. If you like the magnet Power-up however, why not time your run to combine it with the boost pickup and watch the coins roll in? Simple, but worth mentioning.

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4: Its all about the money

When it comes to abilities there are a lot to chose from, but I am going to state the obvious: Level up you Coin Value ability first. Coins buy things, and you need things. The sooner you get those coin multipliers going the more profitable all subsequent runs will be. This will help you to save for larger goals such as new characters and better abilities. Other abilities that may be worth investing in early on in the game include Power Meter and Save Me. In this game these two abilities can be the difference between life and death, and leveling them up (no matter how high the cost) is never a bad thing. Fortunately abilities can be transferred between all characters regardless of when they are bought, so you will be free to prioritize you ability buying based on you need rather than who gets what.

More abilities to save for include multipliers, Power-up increasers and Head Start Boosts. Unless you are a superhuman however, the big runs are unlikely to happen until you have both skills and diamonds. As much as you want to hit that 1000,000,00 score in a single run, you may well be better off capitalizing on that practice time and earning yourself some swag before maxing out your multipliers and striving for that high score.

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5: Simplify

This one is simple, the higher the graphics the less responsive the game can become. Tablet versions of the game have the option to play in a higher definition, and despite making the game look great this can cause glitches and problems. If the game starts to have problems try taking a look at the graphics settings. Ever had the game glitch during a particularly impressive run? Were the slightly better graphics worth it? Probably not.

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6: What I’ve Done

Lets talk about objectives. You know, those little things which flash up after a game? Yes those, they can be important. When I first started to play the game I paid little mind to these novelty challenges, but in the later stages I began to wish that I had. Objectives contribute to your level, and your level allows you to unlock all sorts of power-ups and score multipliers later in the game. The tricky thing about objectives however is that no matter how impressive your run, it will only count towards the three objectives currently in play. You may have run over 5000 meters more times than you can count, but if your objective is for Miser run your efforts will have been for nothing. The more objectives you complete the more you will unlock, so if you want them all ticked off best to get some of the easy ones out of the way early.

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That’s it from my Temple Run adventures. These are just my own musings and noticing’s. Have you noticed something that I have missed? Or do you have an amazing tip of your own? If so then please free free to comment and share. Until then keep reaching for those high scores adventurers!

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Temple Run 2 is available for download now

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