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iOS and Android games have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. In my opinion one genre that is usually a cut above the rest is the 2D side scrolling dash game. Hitman creators IO interactive have brought a new title to this genre with their new mobile game Mini Ninjas.

Based on the 2009 console title of the same name, Mini Ninjas iOS is your classic side scrolling dash game. You play as Hero a Ninja with one simple purpose, to save the world from an evil Samurai warlord. The main objective is to collect coins and keep running for as long as possible. During your daring dash you will encounter various obstacles to jump over and a horde of evil mini Samurais to slice with your sword.

The game is controlled with only two buttons. Tapping the left hand screen will make Hero jump, and tapping the right will make him swing his sword. You also have spells at your disposal. Vanquishing foes will fill up your Ki bar, and once the bar is full you are free to unleash one of these epic spells. These spells include a tornado that will boost you couple of 100 meters forward and a lightening storm that automatically kills all enemies for a short time. More spells are unlocked as the game progresses giving you a reasonable arsenal of spells to choose from.


Mini Ninjas also has a wall running feature. Every now and then you will come across a wall with a flashing footprint prompt and if you tap and hold the jump command Hero will run along the wall dodging every obstacle in the way. This is a very cool feature that varies the game play.

As well as trying to take over the world, the evil Samurai warlord has captured Hero’s friends. On your journey you will come across one of your cadged up buddies. Once you slice open a cage to save one of your friends, you will be able to control the character you have freed for a short time. Each of these characters will be recognizable from the original console game and have their own skills. For example, the massive Ninja Futo has the ability to smash all obstacles in his way. Each of these characters brings some nice variety to the game so make sure that you run far enough to find one.

Whilst running for his life Hero must collect coins and ingredients in order to buy new costumes, spells, and create some potions to help him on his quest. All of these items can be purchased and crafted in the in game shop known as the Dojo. There is a good variety of costumes to dress Hero up in to make him unique and some epic spells to purchase. It does take a while to save up enough coins to unlock spells and costumes but it is worth it in the end.


The potion creation is a great feature which lets you experiment with creating your own potions. Once potions are created, they can aid you in your quest by giving you unique abilities or giving you that much needed extra boost for your next run. If potions and spells aren’t enough variety for you, there are also mission to complete in order for you to rank up. These missions can be simple as killing a certain amount of samurai or covering a set amount of ground in one run. Each rank gives you a coin boost which adds some extra coins to your overall total. It is a good idea to complete missions to boost your funds.

When it comes to sound and visuals Mini Ninjas iOS holds the same charm as it’s console predecesso. Just hearing the samurai’s yelling ‘ni-ni-ni-ni ninja!’ is likely to bring a smile to even the most hardcore of gamers. The way the Samuri’s fall on their back laughing at you as soon as you mess up is also a nice touch.


+ Game visuals and sounds are appealing

+ Interesting game play elements (such as making your own potions)

+ Plenty of unlockables


- Repetitive game play

- Similar to other iOS dash games.

70 / 100

Mini Ninja’s is a great iOS game that brings some new elements into a crowded genre. With its cartoony charm and healthy amount of unlockables is a great iOS game for fans and wannabe ninjas alike.

- Garv

Mini Ninjas is available now for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for £0.69

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