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Contributed by Lisa


While searching through my games collection for something to play, I happened to stumble upon one of my old favorites – Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. I consider this game a classic and a must for any one who enjoys action.

The Prince of Persia series is both developed and published by Ubisoft. There are currently five games in the series, four of which have the same character. Warrior Within is the sequel to the first game, Sand of Time. In contrast with Sands of Time, Warrior Within shows the darker side of the character, who has been on the run from the guardian of time for 6 years.


The first thing you would notice about this game is the combat style. The ‘Free Form Fighting System’ is both fluid and swift, letting you flow from one combo to the next easily. Each sword you obtain throughout the game allows for longer combos. You gain different swords and with them, gain the ability to perform longer combos as you progress. You can also utilize the environment to your advantage, for example, standing on a button to release floor spikes or wall running in order to back flip over your enemy evading their attacks. Sometimes as you finish your enemy the game slows time, giving your finishing move a glorious slow-motion shot.

The enemies range from simple warriors or assassins to colossal bosses. As a huge fan of boss battles I really appreciate the work they’ve done on them, and in my opinion they’ve done a great job balancing the amount of regular enemies and bosses. Bosses do become more frequent towards the end of the game, but I feel this is only to show you how far the Prince has come in his journey and how he has found his ‘warrior within’.


Ubisoft have done a great job on the variety of environment you get to play through. There are several environments in the game, such as the gardens by the water tower, the cogs and switches in the mechanical tower and of course the architecture and traps in the main castle itself. The game also takes care not to get you lost while you explore each area, as you are often revisiting them in various time periods with the area perhaps partially falling apart over time. The castle has more traps to avoid than other areas, while places such as the water tower consist of more environmental puzzles to get the tower working instead.

Another thing I enjoy about this game is the soundtrack. The dark rock themes are suited to the tone of the game and only aid the intense battle atmosphere. There’s nothing better than finishing a big boss in slow motion with some rock playing in the background!


To conclude, both the deep story and the combat make this one of my all time favorite games. I consider this a strong classic game. Even once you have completed it, you will want to play this title again and again. The story is excellent and doesn’t make the mistake of being too short, which some other games seem to fall short on. I would thoroughly recommend those who love platform and action games to give this title a go.

- Lisa

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