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So in March I launched a new website called 3DSBlessed with my friends Tareq (aka Cyburn) and Lucy (and we now have Cyrus on board too). Among the services we offer on there (such as news and review pertaining to the 3DS, as you might imagine) is an Events page where we have a list of upcoming UK-based gaming events. We find out about which events are going on when and where from various sources and word-of-mouth, and we update our list often. Indeed, it is our aim that this will grow into the UK’s most comprehensive directory of upcoming gaming events (if it isn’t already ; luckily we don’t seem to have much competition!)


‘HelenBaby and Cyburn at a Nintendo Spot event they attended in March’

Despite the obvious 3DS bias of our news and reviews, the events we feature are get-togethers concerning any and all console formats. Among the upcoming events we already list are the Rezzed Expo, Eurogamer and Play Expo. We add events from groups such as DS:London and MH3H, which tend to happen more regularly, as they are announced, as well as the swanky events put on by the BAFTA Games department. Events we will add in future will include Summer of Sonic convention and the meets by their spin-off group SonicLondon (which I run) once more details are confirmed.


“The BAFTA gaming events are among the shindigs we feature”

But we don’t want to stop there. While our list is already large we know there are more events going on than we’re covering. Help us be more thorough in our coverage by contacting us with any UK-based events you think we should be featuring.


“Screenshot of our Events page”

I hope you will visit our page, bookmark it, and use it to help you plan your gaming event calendar. Hoping to see you at some of the featured events!


The 3DSBlessed Website 
The 3DSBlessed Events Page 

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