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Yesterday the gaming world played audience to the all important E3 press conferences from Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft and EA. Even though Nintendo didn’t have a press conference at the event this year they treated fans to a special Nintendo Direct showcase, so if you missed out on any of  the action here is a rundown of the big announcements.


Hardware and system announcements:

Earlier in the year Microsoft stated that despite the hype surrounding the Xbox One, they still have big plans for the Xbox 360. Following on fromt his statement at last nights E3 press conference they announced a New Xbox 360 model, which will be available from today. The new Xbox 360 design is based on the Xbox One and will have a 4GB and a 250GB model.


The Xbox Live gold subscription service has been upgraded and will now include 2 free games a month from the 1st of July. Assassins Creed 2 and Halo 3 will be the first titles available for Gold Subscribers.  Microsoft have also announced that they will be getting rid of Microsoft points meaning that you will now be able to use real money in order to make purchases through Xbox LIVE.

The Xbox One will be released in the UK this November for £429. If you have pre-ordered the Day One edition of the console you will get a limited edition controller, premium packaging, your very own Day One achievement and some exclusive DLC for some of the launch titles.

Game announcements:

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain will be coming to XBox One and will feature an open world including horse riding, multiple vehicles  and a realistic passage of time. Fans will be pleased to hear that the CQC system will be expanded as well. You will also be able to activate invisibility horse riding. Awesome!

Killer Instinct has been confirmed and will be coming to Xbox One exclusively.

Crytec confirmed Ryse: Son of Rome as an Xbox One exclusive launch title. This 3rd person action game puts you in the shoes of a Roman Spartan as he hacks and slashes his way through battles in the name of the Roman empire. Though to me it looks like Microsoft’s answer to the God Of War franchise, it will be interesting to see what Ryse: Son Of Rome will have to offer.


Sunset overdrive was announced. This will be a new open world game which is heavily influenced by the player and their actions. Items such as new weapons can be added daily and the gameplay consists of 3rd person free running and shooting.

D4 was announced, an episodic murder mystery game. Not much else was announced but it should be good seeing as it’s being developed by Swery65 the mind behind Deadly Premonition.

In a surprising turn Dead Rising 3 has been confirmed as an Xbox One exclusive. You play Nick, a lonely mechanic who is trying to survive a zombie outbreak. This time around you will have a whole city at your disposal, with weapon customisation also set to make a return.


Project Spark is the current title for a new open world creation game coming to Xbox One. Players will have the ability to team up (if they choose) and create new worlds. This game will also include the use of Smart Glass and Kinect integration.


Minecraft Xbox One edition was also announce,  promising much of the same epic Minecraft game play but including larger maps and an expanded multiplayer function.

343 industries announced a new Halo game coming to Xbox One. Whether it will be Halo 5 remains to be seen, but from the trialer shown it appears to be set after Halo 4.


A new multiplayer FPS called Titanfall will be coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. This futuristic shooter will have you weaving your way through Mechs and jetpack wearing soldiers, because everyone loves jetpacks.


Hardware and system announcements:

The PlayStation 4 console was finally revealed to the gaming masses. The very angular console has a sleek look which in a way harks back to the original PS2 design.


As well as the console reveal it has also been confirmed that the PS4 will not restrict the use of used games, or use Digital Rights Management (DRM). This means that much like your current PS3 you will still be able to sell, rent and lend games.

PlayStation Plus will carry over from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 so if you choose to upgrade you will be able to keep your PSN account. The PS4 exclusive racing game Drive Club will be free to PlayStation Plus subscribers.  It has also been confirmed you will need to purchase a PlayStation Plus subscription  in order to play online multiplayer on PlayStation 4

It was also confirmed that the PS4 will have a netflix/lovefilm style service where you will be able to stream music, TV and films. Sony has promised that this service will be tailored to gamers, what that means remains to be seen.


Sony has also confirmed that Indie game developers will be able to self publish for the PS4 making it even easier for budding developers to get their games out there.

The PlayStation 4 will cost £349 and will be released just in time for the Christmas Holidays this year.

Game announcements:

TellTale’s The Walking Dead will be coming to PS Vita bundles, with a brand new episode entitled 400 days.

The PS3 version of Batman: Arkham Origins will exclusively get the KnightFall DLC bundle, plus a 1960′s style Adam West costume too. It was also announced that the PS3 will be getting an exclusive GTA V limited edition console bundle, which comes with a themed GTA V headset. Nice.


The Elderscrolls Online will be coming to PS4 and will be released Spring next year.

The Order: 1866 was announced. This is a new shooter set in the Victorian-era, which looks a little steam punk and involves killing monsters. Whether it will be 3rd or 1st person is yet to be confirmed.

After several years of waiting Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally been announced, patient fans of the series will finally be able to play the next game in the epic Disney and Final Fantasy mash up.


If you were one of the Final Fantasy fans eagerly awaiting the release of Final Fantasy Verses XIII then you will be pleased to know the game has been rebranded, and will launch on the PS4. Renamed Final Fantasy XV the game has no offical release date as yet, but be assured it is coming.


If you’re a fan of the Mad Max series then you’ll be pleased to hear that the Just Cause developers Avalanche will be bringing Mad Max to PlayStation 4. PS4 owners will also get exclusive DLC when the game is released.

That’s all of the latest news from Microsoft and Sony at E3. I have made up my mind, but which console will you be asking for come the Christmas Holidays?


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