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This weekend sees the Rezzed indie and PC game show hit the NEC in Birmingham. If you are in or around Birmingham this Saturday or Sunday then this is the perfect opportunity to try out the following exciting new games.

Beatbuddy – Threaks
Coconut Dodge Revitalised – FuturLab
Company of Heroes 2 – SEGA
Democracy 3 – Positech Games
Droid Assault – Puppy Games
Eador – Masters of the Broken World – Snowbird Games
Ethan: Meteor Hunter – Seaven Studio
Ghost Recon Online – Ubisoft
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number – Devolver Digital
Luftrausers – Devolver Digital
Might & Magic: Duel of Champions – Ubisoft
Montague’s Mount
PlanetSide 2 – ProSiebenSat.1 Games
Prison Architect – Introversion
Project Zomboid – The Indie Stone
QuickDraw – Greenfly Studios
Redshirt – Positech Games
Revenge of the Sunfish 2 – Bizarre Wound Games
Revenge of the Titans – Puppy Games
Shadow Warrior – Devolver Digital
Sir, You Are Being Hunted – Big Robot
Space Hulk – Full Control
Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Ubisoft
Superfrog HD – Team17
Surge – FuturLab
Surgeon Simulator 2013 – Bossa Studios (Featuring the Oculus Rift)
Tengami – Nyamyam
The Chaos Engine
The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot – Ubisoft
The Red Solstice – Ironward
Titan Attacks – Puppy Games
Total War: Rome II – SEGA
Trials Evolution Gold – Ubisoft
Ultratron – Puppy Games
Velocity Ultra – FuturLab
WildStar – NCSoft
Worms Clan Wars – Team17

Rezzed of course also has its fair share of Indie games. Here is the official list of Indie games that will be on show floor as part of the Letfeild collection, sponsored by SEGA:

Apotheon – Alientrap Games
Ending – Aaron Steed
Ether One – White Paper Games
Full Mojo Rampage – Over the Top Games
Gone Home – The Fullbright Company
Gun Monkeys – Size Five Games
Hacker, the movie hacker simulation game – Liam Fogerty
Helix – Michael Brough
icefishing v – Nathan Gallardo
Luminesca – Matt Glanville
Morphopolis – Micro Macro Games
Out There – Mi-Clos Studio
Reus – Abbey Games
rymdkapsel – Grapefrukt Games
Silhouette – Manikin Games
Sneaksneak – Frambosa
Stickets – Wanderlands
That Dragon, Cancer – Josh Larson
Trash TV – Lawrie Russell
Undercurrent – Undercurrent Development

As well as some great games playable on the show floor, there will also be a whole host of Developer sessions where game creators will be stepping up to talk about their games. These sessions are scheduled to will run as follows:

Saturday 22nd June

Panel: How can new business models improve PC gaming?
John Walker hosts Chris Delay, Paul Taylor, Chris Avellone and Ragnar Tornquist in a round table discussion.

Total War: Rome II Live Code Demo
The Creative Assembly present the latest work on the most ambitious real-time strategy game in the studio’s history.

A look back at Frozen Synapse and a look forward to Frozen Endzone
Paul Taylor and Ian Hardingham from Mode 7 Games explain how development of Frozen Synapse influenced Frozen Endzone and introduce the new game.

Dreamfall Chapters
Ragnar Tornquist, Martin Bruusgaard and Dag Scheve from Red Thread Games are promising to show new content from their Kickstarter-funded adventure game.

Project Eternity
One of the most successful Kickstarters ever, Project Eternity is the eagerly awaited new fantasy RPG from Obsidian Entertainment. Chris Avellone shares its progress.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted
Fans of tweed-loving British sci-fi will want to join Big Robot’s Tom Betts to learn more about this sinister game where artificial gentlemen hunt humans for sport.

Sunday 23rd June

Panel: Is storytelling in games getting any better?
John Walker hosts Dean Hall, Chris Avellone, Ragnar Tornquist, Ed Stern and Will Porter in a round table discussion.

Rami Ismail from Ridiculous Fishing creator Vlambeer takes the stage to show off the iconoclastic indie’s new dogfighting game.

Total War: Rome II Live Code Demo
The Creative Assembly present the latest work on the most ambitious real-time strategy game in the studio’s history.

Developers from Carbine Studios showcases its upcoming science-fiction MMORPG, published by NCSoft.

Creative Assembly Game Jam
Having built a game in a day, teams present their work to an expert panel of Chris Avellone (Obsidian), Ed Stern (Splash Damage) and Keith Stuart (The Guardian).

DayZ Standalone
Dean Hall returns to Rezzed to share progress made on the standalone version of his hugely successful zombie survival mod for ArmA 2.

f you are unable to attend Rezzed thhis year but still want some of the Developer session action then Eurogamer will be live streaming all of the Dev sessions as they happen. Go to to check them out.


In the mean time if you are deciding weather to visit and wondering what Rezzed is really all about then you can check out GuitarGirls video round of last years show below.


We wish Eurogamer the best of luck with Rezzed this year, it’s going to be great.

- Garv


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