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Rack N’ Ruin is an up coming, top down action-adventure game by Lifespark Entertainment. Rack, the main character of the game, is a demon lord who loves destroying worlds. His master, an arch-demon named Ruin, wishes to take over the universe, world by world, so long as they support life. Rack must take over the world in which the game is set, before handing it over to Ruin, rather than destroying it.


While playing through the preview, I found the opening level to be rather vibrant and green, filled with various enemies. The game screen showed a health bar and a mana bar, for damage and casting respectively. Rack can move small objects blocking his path from a distance and activate switches by casting spells. In battle, Rack stuck me as mostly a spell caster or wizard, better striking from a distance, although he does appear to have a melee attack similar to that of a sword. Similar to most classic dungeon crawlers, there are many different types of items available to collect and use. Some heal Rack or replenish his mana bar, while others help in combat situations. There is a form of currency which drops from enemies, along with items. Crates also drop a variety of items or currency when broken.

Something I found interesting about this game, is that you can corrupt the world, turning a lush green forest into a corrupted nightmarish land. The enemies spawned also change depending on whether the land is corrupted or not. The corrupting process appears to require currency that is obtained from killing enemies or destroying crates.


Proceeding into a dungeon, I was met by several rooms filled with puzzles. Each room was often one piece of an even bigger puzzle, or a link to different rooms. These puzzles could be activated and completed by objects or by other means.

I soon stumbled into a large room, only to be ambushed by a boss. The boss had various attacks at its disposal from area of effect attacks to spawning more enemies to aid it. It fought very well and I found it a little hard to keep up with it at first. Bosses are set to be a main feature in this game along with the puzzles.


In conclusion, it seems like a nice twist on a classic top down genre. I’m very interested to see what story they have in store for Rack, as he seems to be a very likeable character with a good design, in terms of appearance. I’m looking forward to the game and it’s storyline, and as a boss enthusiast, I really enjoyed the boss battle included in the preview. It looks like Rack ‘N Ruin will be a great addition to the action adventure genre.

Rack N’ Ruin is to be released of several platforms including PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

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- Lisa

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