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There are many game combinations that I personally would like to see. One of them has always been lots of cool guns, combined with killer robots and an RPG element. You can imagine them my surprise when I had the chance to play the beta of Contract Work, which funnily enough has just that.

Contract Work is a browser based 3rd person shooter RPG created by Iterative, which was founded by Kee-Won Hong. This is the latest version of a cyperpunk RPG shooter, and for a beta version you can really see where they are going with this. The game has a simple enough story where you are often contracted to kill someone, or to protect something from the killer robots. The levels are simple yet still have an element of complexity, for example the robots get smarter the further you get in and the levels get more intense.There is even an option to make the levels harder, which in turn will reward you with more money for completing the contract. You can make the game easier too, but this comes at a cost.


The controls are easy to use, and once you get used to them the game is quite a bit of fun. There are still some bugs to be worked out when it comes to playing it on a laptop like how the mouse pad on the laptop doesn’t respond as quickly as it would with a PC mouse, but for a beta version this game is not far off. Beta games are after all stepping stones to the final completed game, and though the version of the game I have been playing now might be the earliest version, when it is finally released it could be a lot better. Overall there are just a few kinks to work out and they will have a fun game to play.


From what I have played this is a fun game that has a lot to offer, so when this game has gone through all the beta testing and is finally ready for released I look forward to seeing Contract Works at its fullest.

-Random Man 5000

If you want in on the Contract Work beta then click the following link -

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