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Every year the Eurogamer Expo gives us a few little gems of exciting indie newness. One such title that caught my eye this expo was Chroma. At a glance this may just seem like your basic 2D platform adventure, but this indie game has a rather illuminating twist.


You play as a roundish little fellow who generates a subtle glow of light. It is this light that is your number one tool when exploring the vast network of caverns before you as it not only lights your way as you run and jump through the dark tunnels, but is also key in solving the wider puzzle of how to navigate this world. When faced with an area that seems impossible to traverse, players are able to leave their glowing self behind and instead take control of their shadow form. This form has the added bonus of being able to use shadows as platforms, enabling your character to reach new areas which were previously impossible to access. Now for me what makes this game truly interesting is that before you can use the shadows as platforms, you must first create them. This is done by using the glow of your character, as well as moveable light sources, to bounce light off of surrounding objects in order to create the shadows that you need. Casting the best shadows requires the combination of correct object and the right angle, encouraging players to think outside of the box in order to explore this world.

Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 21.53.22

Unlike many 2D platform games there are no levels in Chroma, instead we have one large world to explore. This leads to seamless gameplay, which when combined with the subtle sound effects and shifting light patterns leads to a relaxing atmosphere which compliments the puzzle solving and exploration well. The theme of manipulating light and shadow is also key when solving the puzzles found within the game. You can check out an example of the gameplay so far in the video below.

Though the game is still currently in development, to me Chroma definitely stood out. The simplicity of the gameplay is refreshing, and the concept of using both the light form and the shadow form in harmony gives this game an interesting edge.

Chroma is currently in development by Mark Foster

You can find out more about Chroma here

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GuitarGirl24 On September - 26 - 2013

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  1. obmil says:

    Reminds me of Limbo , in its dark themes

    Need to get this so badly

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